Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 49 – December 12, 2012

Things have gone very wrong in the real world. Desmond's Dad, William has been captured by Abstergo. Our old friend has your father and it is time to get him back. After the cutscene it is break in time.

Head on down the corridor in front of you. There are 2 guards to start with. A cutscen starts and then there are 4 that will be coming at you. Use what you know of fighting to get Counter-Kills and start a quick kill streak to wipe out the nearby ones. Likely you will need to charge at least one to finish the fight. Once they are dead, approach the elevators and wait for the next one to begin.

Once Desmond is on top of the elevator it is time to start climbing up. Go over to the window and start there. Follow the path as it winds cross the glass then over to the left. Once you get to the ledge, perform a ledge assassination on the guard above you. There are 2 more to go. If possible, kick one down the shaft and you are done with him. After that, quickly dispatch the final guard there.

Turn to the left from the elevator and head down the corridor. You will notice a scientist standing by a door. Head past the scientist into the next room. You will be attacked by 2 more guards. Quickly kill them and head through to the next room. You are in an atrium now. There are a few things to deal with yet.

Down the first path you have 3 guards. Try to use the Human Shield move any time you see someone lining up a shot on Desmond or attacking and killing the shooter quickly. With the narrow pathways, it is very possible to knock your opponents over the ledge. After those 3 head around the path to the right. Desmond will encounter 5 more guards (3 at first then 2 more come through a window ahead on the left). Try to knock as many over the ledge as possible and kill streak them to ensure that they go down quickly.

With them dead, head forward and through the broken window. Head for the first door on your left. You need to be out of combat for the door to open (some times the game glitches and misreads how many you killed, give it a moment and it will realize it). Head through the door and the scene should look familiar from the first Assassin's Creed. A cutscene runs inside with Daniel Cross. Something strange is happening with him (like randomly slipping into German).

When the cutscene ends, you can look around using Eagle Vision and see the markings that Subject 16 left before he died. Now chase Cross through the open door. Take out the 2 guards that are waiting in front of Cross then continue your pursuit of him down the hallway to the right. Follow it and chase him for another cutscene.

Desmond will find himself above the collection of Animus machines that Absertgo has just outside where he was held in the first and passed through on his way out in Assassin's Creed 2. Head through the hangings in a clockwise fashion. Once close to the ground, work quickly to kill the guards so they cannot shoot Desmond to death. Use walls but do not lose total sight of Cross. You can use this time to also track him down and kill him. He just runs so it is a simple matter of finding a chance to attack him and doing so. The scene changes after that.

Once Desmond is on the fifth floor just head down the corridor and start killing your way through the final part of the guard and working your way over to toward Vidic's office. Head to the left when you reach the first intersection and then right at the second. You know you have arrived when you hear his Secretary begging for her life. She will open the door for Desmond. Once she does, head on through it.

Another cutscene runs and things look very bad for Desmond and William as they outnumbered and decidedly outgunned. Desmond uses the Apple to control one of the guards and you are given a prompt. Everything here is story driven so enjoy it. Walk out and do things as you choose.

When the dust settles Desmond is back in the Grand Temple. Head through the cave, talk with everyone, check your e-mail and plug in the third power source.

To plug in the power source, head up the stairs to the right on the way toward the door you are trying to open. Head up them and turn to the right, Desmond will swing across the gap using exposed bars above him. Head up the stairs in front of him and once again turn to the right. Climb up onto the strange pillars and start off to the left toward the wall. Once on the wall, head to the right and go over to the landing. From there head across the next gap using the poles above the floor. Swing across then climb up to the ledge above. Head right and jump across the gap to the next set of strange pillars and head over to the right. Desmond will wind his way across the room. Once you are on solid ground again head to the left to find the place to insert the third power source.

Once that is placed head to the left and hop down using the poles and ledges to make back to ground level quickly. It is time to set back into the Animus.