Assassin's Creed 3 – Captain Kidd's Treasure – Dead Chest's Treasure

This Peg Leg Mission is available after collecting 6 trinkets.
Optional Objectives:
Perform 3 Running Assassinations
Stay Within 40 meters of your target
Kill the target before he reaches the cave

Start by heading forward down the path in front of Connor. Hop from the stone across the 2 ruined hulls and turn to the left on the second. Head out on the fore mast and jump from there to the beach below. Head over to the right to open the chest that is nearby and claim £3,000 within. Now head to the opposite side and start climbing upwards along the cliff. Work your way over to the right as you climb up. Back eject when prompt to get over to the next cliff face and then continue upwards along it. From there go up then start over to the left and keep going that way until it is exhausted and you see a ledge above you. Start for the ledge immediately. Head down along the trail in front of Connor. Follow that until you come to the stern of a boat. Jump over to it to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene run down the boat and the first 2 optional objectives will appear. Just keep pace and it is simple to make it through this section. Head to the right after Connor ducks under the first beam. Keep going forward and jump across the gap between ships. Head up the left-hand side of the ship's ruins and perform a running assassination on the mercenary there.

After that, duck under the beam and swing across the gap beneath using the narrow beams above. Just keep moving forward turning to the right. The next free run starts jumping over the water to a set of floating barrels. Move across those to the V-branch. On the far side you will find your second opportunity for a running assassination. Kill that gunner and keep moving forward.

Jump the next gap and move forward. The roof above will collapse so keep running so Connor will duck under the wreckage. Press forward quickly and have Connor swing through the next free running course as he climbs and clears the water using the narrow beams above. This section of free running leads to 2 guards that can be chain killed with running assassinations. This assures that the completion of the first optional objective.

Now begin the more complex free running segment of this memory. Run up the deck after the door has been slammed shut by your target. Just keep up the pace and run up the center of this ramp. Run across the beams and onto the mast. Wait for it to topple then keep running. As soon as Connor starts sliding look down along the ground below. As soon as the Mercenary is highlighted attack to get an air assassination on him and finish out the mission here.