Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 49 – Sequence 11: Battle of the Chesapeake

This sequence opens with a cutscene between Achilles and Connor. After that it is time to fight. Head on out to the Harbormaster in the Davenport Homestead. Take a little time to secure any remaining upgrades for the Aquila. You are going to need them for coming sea battle.

Optional Objectives:
Destroy 3 ships in a single broadside
Destroy 2 frigates by firing on their powder stores

What you do and when all depends on whether or not you are after the optional objectives. Start with the broadsides on the schooners as soon as they are in range. The battle starts right after the cutscenes. Start immediately by firing off a broadside of Grapeshot. It will shred easily 3 – 5 of the schooners and gunboats, easily taking care of the first optional objective.

The second optional objective shows just after you have taken down the first fleet of ships. There are a few things you can do to make your life easier. First, load in the chain shot and aim for the frigates. It will destroy their masts and make them a sitting duck to be rammed and fired upon with your swivel cannons. Remember to brace as you ram the ships to avoid the worst of the impacts. Careful use of Grapeshot and good ramming and it will be no problem to finish the first 2 optional objectives.

With that part done it is time to move onto the second and final part of this mission. Follow your remaining ally to the next point of conflict. Your last escort will since and then it is just the Aquila to face whatever is ahead. Sail into the search zone to trigger the next part of the fight. A Man-O-War will fire on the Aquila taking out her guns. There is one thing left to do. Go full sail and ram her.

Optional Objective:
Counter-Kill 5 soldiers.

A cutscene then it is off toward the Man-O-War and taking out the soldiers on it. Use Counter-Kills for your first 5 kills just to keep things simple and clear out the optional objective. After that it is time to wade through the rest and chase after the captain of the Man-O-War. Be careful as there are some Firing lines that need to be tackled quickly. After that just fight and kill as viciously as you know Connor can. Only a short fight remains between you and the end of this.

After the fight it is time to run. Just head straight and little to the left to make it back to the Aquila in time to avoid getting blown up.