Assassin's Creed 3 – Forts: Fort Duquesne

Be sure you have at least one poison dart to make life simple.

This fort is found out in the frontier in the Northwestern region. Approach it from the Northeast across a tree running course found nearby some rocks. Head to the West until you arrive on a large stump. It just a short jump from some rocks. Hop over to it and head to the roof of the small building in the fort. Head to the left from there along the wall and hop over to the ladder that leads up to the hunting blind. Climb up to the blind and head to the right from it. Press on to the right around the trunk of the next tree and make your way over to the branch overlooking the area the captain is in. Wait for him to in close then hit him with a poison dart. From there, head back along the tree to the hunting blind. Climb down the ladder and head over to the left and to the corner looking over the next small area.

In this part you will notice an officer feeding some chickens. While he is distracted, move into the nearby stalking zone and close the distance between you and him. If he keeps at it long enough, just assassinate him then. If not, wait there for him to return to feed the chickens again and kill him then. With him gone, you can just walk over to the powder reserves and set them to blow.

Run back up the slope and climb the ladder to the hunting blind once again. From there turn to the South and follow the free run course there. It leads directly to the Flag which can be lowered and instantly clear out all of the British, converting the fort over to the Patriot army.