Assassin's Creed 3 – Privateer Contracts: Virgin Islands Contracts

The Sea Wolves
Optional Objective:
Complete the contract with no more than 4 allied causalities

The Aquila is to escort 8 Mercharnt ships to their destination. Keep to the left-hand side of the ships. This will put the Aquila between the raiders and the merchant vessels. The initial wave of 4 frigates is nothing too bad. If there are a lot of merchant vessels in the way, focus on using your swivel cannon to make sure that Connor does not accidentally sink one of them. When you spot the frigate, make a run for it, switching to Heat Shot (if available) to unload a broadside on it and hopefully sink it in a single shot or to expose its powder reserve which can be quickly hit with the swivel to sink it. If one happens to present itself in an ideal position for ramming, do so. Just keep moving and good timing on the broadside shots will carry the day.

A Midnight Engagement
Optional Objective:
Limit environmental damage to 25%

Any time you need to focus on this, you need to be sharp on the commands for the sails. It is a lot of careful navigation as you need to chase a ship through a very rocky outlet. Once the ship in front of you gets through the rocks it is time to engage the rest of this enemy fleet. There are 5 ships that need to be sunk. Now you do not need to worry about running into anything aside from the enemies. Just do your best to work through things quickly.

The Giant and the Storm
Optional Objective:
Sink all ships by firing on the powder stores

This is the final privateer mission. You need to first sink a small patrol of Gunboats. When the waves permit, fire off shots from the Swivel Cannons at them. This is the best way to just quickly defeat them and limit the damage that they can do to the Aquila. It is after this that things get really hard as you need to destroy.

This one can be a lot more difficult if the Aquila is fully upgraded. Ramming makes it a lot easier for the Aquila to expose their powder stores and a fully upgraded Aquila can easily destroy a ship by ramming unless you hit it off center. Using Chain shot on the 2 frigates and Man-O-War will cut down their masts, making the frigates easier targets. Try to avoid using Heat Shot for this part as it can easily sink any of the ships that you want to sink by exploding. It can take a few times so be ready to replay the whole contract. A little practice is all that is needed to get this if nothing else.