Assassin's Creed 3 – Captain Kidd's Treasure – The Mad Doctor's Castle

This Peg Leg Mission is available after collecting all 24 trinkets.

Head down the corridor after the starting sequence at this location. Be sure to run so Connor will duck through the opening in front of him. Head forward and to the left. Scramble up the bit of collapsed roof and then start climbing the walls to the left then up to move toward the chandelier. Once you make it as high as you can Back Eject to reach the chandelier. Head across it and jump toward the break in the railing. Now turn around and head over to the left toward the chest there. Inside it you will find £750. Now head through the nearby door to the right.

Head through the room you are in and go straight for the next one. Turn to the right and swing downwards with the pole. Once Connor lands, turn around and head toward the chest to grab £1500. Now head back to where Connor landed and move forward. Run forward to slide underneath the fallen roofing.

In this room head forward. You are in the museum Connor was seeking. Head over to the left, past the table and over to the clue. Interact with it to learn of the broken display case. Turn to the left and use Eagle Vision to reveal there are 2 nearby clues. The first is to the left of the table Connor passed on the way here. The second is on the vase just to the left of the doorway you came through. This triggers a cutscene.

Optional Objective:
Reach the Assailant's location in 60 seconds.

Head for the stuffed bear that you passed over on the right-hand side of the room. Run toward it and climb up it. Head across to the balcony using the outlaying poles. Head to the right and now swing across part the room using the tusks. Connor will then jump onto the first of 2 hanging structures. Climb up to the middle of it then move to the right. Back Eject from the first to the second and climb that one up to the beam above it. Now turn around and jump across the room to the next beam. Now face the rear of the room and move toward the marker.

Connor goes over what the assailant did after he fired his shot. Turn to the West and head along the balcony. Interact with the mask on your left to find the first of 2 clues. Now head back to the left and into the display case that is to the left of the mask. Head through the display and over to the left into the next room. Investigate the musket rack that is beside the door. This reveals the missing musket and what the shooter did after.

Head back through the display case and over to the cabinet to the right of the mask. Interact with it to reveal the hidden passage behind it. Once in the new room run up the pipe organ to start Connor's next bit of climbing. Head up to the ledge above and move forward. Weave your way through the rafters and over to the left after Connor makes his leap. Follow this path until forced to drop down into the bed room below.

Once in the bed room head over to the left and duck through the opening in the wall there. Move forward and interact with the eye holes in front of Connor. He will push the painting down, giving easy access back to this area of the house.

Once he lands back in the entry way turn to the left and use Eagle Vision. This will reveal a clue. Interact with the musket to gain it properly. Now head over to the grandfather clock to the right and interact with it to get the second clue. Finally, go to the right of the clock, toward the partly blocked doorway. Just as you pass the table look left to find the final clue.

Optional Objective:
Solve the Riddle within 60 seconds

During the cinematic the secret of the clock is revealed. Interact with the clock and set it to 5:50. If you did not see the clue clearly in the cinematic, head back to the painting and look at the time on the watch the man is holding. It is 5:50. Put that into the clock quickly and it will open. You can reset the timer by returning to the last checkpoint.

Head through the opening and go down the stairs to the left. Now just around the middle of the room and over to the pit you just saw the man thrown through in the brief cinematic. Slide down the slope and head over to the body to find the final clue.

A cutscene runs with Faulkner, Connor and Peg Leg. You are immediately given the chance to set out to final location: Oak Island.