Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 32 – Sequence 6: The Tea Party

Head to the marker. There you will finally find Samuel Adams once again. He will announce that the meeting has done all it can. Now it is time to take action. He tells Connor the plan, finally, and they are off to dump the tea into the ocean. Once you speak with Samuel Adams, the events will start.

The scene is fast forwarded to nightfall. The group encounters a lot more guards than expected. Stephane will offer his aid as he can trigger a riot with little effort. Save him for now. Start by heading down the southern side of the dock. There are 6 guards there that need to be dealt with. They will go down quickly with all the help Connor has. Be sure to climb up onto the nearby building so you can start to quickly work at the group and begin with a nice assassination. From there just fight through the rest of them. It will not take too long and you can get some progress toward other goals as well.

Now head to the Northern side of the pier. There are 9 Red Coats to deal with here. This is where you can to cal on Stephane to incite a riot and bring its fury down on the Red Coats. That is the idea, most likely though you will call him in and he will help out by assassinating a target and helping kill a few of the guards.

With the second set of guards dealt with it is time to begin the second part of the mission. This is where the Optional Objectives comes into play. This is a timed mission, you have until One hUndred Boxes of tea are thrown into the water.

Dump 10 boxes of tea into the Ocean
Throw 3 Red Coats into the Ocean
Perform a Musket Air Assassination

If you want to do these, it is important to set onto the tea boxes immediately. The moments of calm are few and far between for this sequence so it will count on maximizing them. Head to the bow of the ship Connor starts on immediately. There are ten boxes of tea. Grab them, face toward the bow, or the other ship and throw them overboard quickly. Help out with a fight when it comes to your ship but otherwise remain at it until all ten boxes have been thrown into the ocean.

Now it is time to move onto the one Musket Air Assassination. Look at the deck of the ships near the gangplanks coming up from the dock. You will be able to find a musket with little difficulty. Grab one between fights and have Connor hop onto the side of the boat. Wait for the next wave of Soldiers, single one out and perform that assassination on him. It will knock the optional requirement out easily.

The final one is tricky. There are 2 ways to get Red Coats into the water. Connor, by the side of the boat, engaged in combat can use Counters to throw them overboard. Another option is to switch to fists and just beat them over the side. Both methods work and a combination would be the best for optimal results.

Throughout the entire time, you need to keep both Paul Revere and Molineux alive. Watch their heath intently as well as Connor's. It is important to keep it up throughout the encounter. Revere has a way of attracting more damage than his friend. This can be done, it seems, easily by equipping the tomahawk. It is Connor's best weapon and it works very well to get some kill steaks.