Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 40 – Sequence 8: Brightwall Prison

After the long cutscene scene and Connor taking some time to recover from the blow, move over to the left and listen in on the conversation there. You hear about a pending escape attempt by one of the other prisoners. After that, it is time to go to sleep. Another short scene will run and from there a plan may begin to form.

Optional Objective:
Limit Prison Guard deaths to 2 or less

Follow the prison guard through the building. Once you get down to the ground floor, you will see a new objective to use Eagle Vision to find Weems. Weems is in the Northeast corner over a boardgame. Here you can play with Weems and talk with him. The two start playing Morris. Just play through it until Connor mentions George Washington. This will gets Weems to side with Connor. He explains that Finch stole the key that he had been forging for the past 3 months. He needs it back ease neither of them are going anywhere.

Start up the stairs. You will find Finch without much difficulty. From there, wait for him to finish his present conversation and follow him as he heads through the prison, has another 2 conversations then heads down a set of stairs. It is after he goes down the stairs that you get your first opportunity to pick-pocket him. Take it and then the guards will call out for everyone to head back to their cells. Listen for now.

The following day head down to the ground follow again and talk with Weems again. Weems explains the key is meant to be swapped with the Warden's key. Apparently the Warden is not much for using it. He will explain more of his plan as he works on his book. Turn around and head over to the trio of prisoners opposite you. Time to get into a fight. With these foes focus on Counter disarm instead of counter kill. This will stun them and knock them to the ground. From there, move over and attack to knock them out. Take down all 6 and the fight will end with a cutscene of Connor getting hit upside the head and carted off to the Pit.

Once in the cell again wait for the Warden to approach. He will start ranting. This is your cue to approach and pick-pocket him. After that open the door to skip events ahead and have the Warden moving away. Follow him carefully, just to the first corner and wait there. He will go to the opposite side further down the fall and look in on a cell. Wait for him to turn around and head down the hallway opposite that cell. That is your cue to move forward. Move to the next corner and wait for the Warden to take the second left. Now head up the stairs in front of Connor. Take the first right and you will find Weems there waiting for you.

Optiona Objective:
Reach Hickey within 2 minutes

Start by fast walking up the stairs behind the guard. When he stops quickly move in and perform a take down on him. From there turn around and head up the stairs opposite you, after you approach the base of the stairs close to you to draw one of the 2 guards above you down. From there head up the stairs and fast walk over to the way point. Interact with it before the guard detects Connor, though he will see him. That will finish out this particular memory and it is onto the next one, which is short.