Assassin's Creed 3 – Leveling Homesteaders: Warren and Prudence

Farmer Level 2 (Sequence 6)
Prudence's Primrose
Head out to their location at the Homestead. You will find Warren calling out to Prudence but has not much idea where she is. Head to the West toward the marker. Warren is talking about how much Primrose oil that Prudence wants and he does not understand why she wants so much of it.

Once you make it to the first location it is time to start tracking. Directly in front of Connor is the first clue. Interact with it then turn to the West and head into the second Search Area. Look around using Eagle Vision to make the clue start out clearly. Approach it and interact with it. Turn to the East and head around the bush there. Again, use Eagle Vision to make the clue start out. Approach and analyze it. The scene changes and you need to run to the North. Equip the Hidden Blade and charge over there. Prudence is under attack by a bear. If done right Connor and assassinate the bear and end the fight quickly. Otherwise it is a series of QTE's to get through to Prudence. She will explain why she is after Primrose as Connor needs to take her back to Warren. Let the two talk and the mission will finish out.

Level 3 (Sequence 7)
Happy Expectations

Head over to the farm when you see another Homestead mission appear there. You will find Lance there with a craddle. Talk with the happy couple to start the mission. They will point Connor to Dr. Lyle White of Boston. Head on out there with Fast Travel to get things going.

Just to go to Boston Central. Head over to the eastern side of town and look for the apprentice. Once you are in Boston and moving around they will be marked with the Homestead Mission. The apprentice is done with him as he appears to be a drunken lout now. Head over to the right and around to the corner to the left. You will find the Doctor a block or two from there and he has not done anything good there. There are a good 6 men beating on him. Take them down and the Doctor will gladly agree to help them with the baby.

Level 4 (Sequence 7)
Pig Herder

Head over to the farm one more time when you see the next mission appear there. Talk with Prudence to begin the mission itself. She will ask you to round the pigs that the nearby simply run ahead of them and then slowly move them toward Prudence. It will only take a minute or so to get the pigs into the pen. This will finish out all the Homestead Quest for the farmers.