Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 19 – Sequence 4: Hunting Lessons

Talk with  Ratonhnhake:ton's friend once again to start the next part of the learning session. Turn to the West and head into the search area. It is time to hunt some hare. Head into the first stalking area you can. A hare will be marked nearby. Sneak close to it then draw your bow and aim it at the hare. Loose the arrow to finish off the hare. Now approach the hare and Ratonhnhake:ton will be prompted to skin it. Do so to move onto the next part of these lessons.

Turn to the North and head over to the highlighted clue that is nearby. Follow the prompts on screen to set the first snare. This is a much more patient way of hunting. It takes time to catch things with these.

Hunting Deer
Time to hunt for some larger game, a deer. Turn to the Northwest from where you set the snares and head into the next search area. Move into it and head around the rocks in front of you. On the Northern side of them you will find a clue that Ratonhnhake:ton can go over. This will trigger the deer to appear. Follow your friend over to the stalking area. Enter into it and head toward the deer. If possible, use the bait to lure the deer close. If that does not seem to work you can charge the deer quickly and kill it with a single strike from the tomahawk. Now Ratonhnhake:ton needs to skin the deer.

After Ratonhnhake:ton has skinned the deer, turn around and head to the South to return to the snares. Collect the hare that has been caught in his. Time for the second part of the mission:

Optional Objectives:
Hunt and skin 3 different types of animal
Combine bait and a snare to catch an animal
Air Assassination 2 animals

Ratonhnhake:ton can only catch a maximum of 5 animals in this sequence so each one needs to count toward the goal. Head into the search area and it is time to put all the skills you have gained through these lessons to use.

Turn to the South and head onto the nearby rock. Use that to get into the trees to begin the search for things to help meet the optional objectives. Head through the trees until you get your first chance for an air assassination on an animal. This takes some time to pull off so be patient or keep moving through the trees toward the cliff. Once you get the first, turn to the South and climb the nearby cliff and use the branch there to get back into the trees. This makes is very easy to quickly get the second air assassination.

Skin the second animal you killed. Hopefully it was different from the first. Now head back into the search area. Time to knock out the next optional objective. Find a stalking zone and arm yourself with a snare. Plant it then spread some bait around it. Now head into the stalking zone and wait. This will draw a surprising amount of animals very quickly to the site. Just wait for one to be caught them approach and skin it. Now just look around and use clues to find a third animal type. From there it is simply just getting to 5 animals collected. When done head for the marker.

With the hunt completed there is something left to be done. A bear will attack. Follow the prompts to avoid its attacks. From there dash to the nearest tree and climb up it. Now in the trees free run to escape the bear's territory. After that, just head for the next marker.