Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 15 – Sequence 3: The Braddock Expedition

Head back into Concord and into the Trading Post. Once inside you will find a cutscene waiting. Ziio reports that they are ready and have set up camp to the North of Concord. She tells Haytham to get ready. The party departs immediately. Take a little time before beginning this mission you are full up on cartridges. There will be a good bit of shooting in this mission.

The scene resumes on horseback with someone complaining how it went from too cold to too hot. On top of that you are heading through a marsh. Things are not too pretty there. With all of that out of the way, just focus on the road in front of Haytham. There is very little to do overall here though. Just wait for the horse ride to end and enjoy the conversation. Head down the slope on Haytham's left to find Ziio. She will introduce the indiginous support that she brought in. She will explain her plan to Haytham and the two work together to prepare everything. Haytham hatches a plan as Braddock rants on as to why he is heading this expedition.

Optional Objective:
Kill 2 soldiers without triggering open conflict

When you regain control of Haytham then you need to head forward into the stalking zone in front of you. Move into it and head over to the right through the stalking zone. You will find a dark pile of leaves to hide in. Wait here a while for the guard to be unwatched then execute a stealth kill on him and yank him back into the stalking zone. Whistle after that to call over the nearby stationary troop and repeat the process. This will easily take care of the optional objective with minimal danger. Now you can continue to perform stealth kills or just shift into open conflict and wipe out the camp here. It does not take too much to go over to open conflict and wipe out the camp.

With the camp wiped out it is time to move on toward your main objective: Edward Braddock.  Follow the waypoints along the road and you will find what you are looking for. It is best to hang to the right-hand side of the road to avoid going through the thick of any group of soldiers.

Optional Objective:
Destroy 3 powder wagons

Now it is time to chase after Edward and take out 3 powder wagons. Be sure to always head around where the cart was as it will slow you down and turn the horse around. This frequently will lead to desynchronization. It is best to hang to the left-hand side of the road for the first 2 wagons to avoid the fallout of blasting them. If you are having trouble getting the wagons targeted, then opt for manual aim with L1/LB. Be sure that you have not spurred your horse on as you will not be able to fire.

Make sure you have the pistol equipped. From there give chase after Edward. Head around the first corner to the left and look to the right to find the first cart. Shoot it and immediately start to reload and keep up with Braddock. Save the spurring for a moment.

Give chase and head through the line of soldiers in front of you. Just after them you will find the second powder wagon. Take aim and shoot it then keep your horse on in pursuit of Edward Braddock. Once again, be sure to start reloading the pistol immediately. Here you will want to spur your horse on.

After the powder cart falls on the left in front of you get ready for the third powder wagon. You can jump the ruins but be sure that you rein back your horse shortly after. This one is the hardest to pull off properly but you only need to get it right once to finish the optional objective.

Now just spur your horse on after Braddock. After the next bend to the right a tree will fall and block his path forward. Move up onto him and dispatch him in the manner of your choosing. The pistol is the easiest to simply complete the sequence. If you feel like running then all you need to do is opt for some thing else.

Ziio will be pleased that Braddock is dead. It does not take much for the truth of the matter to become apparent to Haytham. Finally the spark of passion ignites between Ziio and Haytham. From there just enjoy the final part of the sequence. To finish it out properly you need to head into the Green Dragon Tavern. The sequence ends with a nice reveal.