Assassin's Creed 3 – The Hunting Society Quests

The Man-Eater
Available: When entering a hunting cabin for the first time on the frontier.
Reward: The Bear Memento at the Manor, unlocks “Feline Feet.”

Go to the marked area in the Southwest of the Frontier. Follow the clues in the green search zone to find the bear cave across the river.
First Clue: to the right of the cabin remains. Connor will find some Blood Splatter.
Second Clue: Head to the North from the first. By the fire pit, between it and the rock you will find more Blood Splatter
Third Clue: Turn North and climb onto the nearby rocks. You will find it just before the drop.

Continue to the North along the tree branches and the chopped tree, take a leap of faith from there and turn slightly to the Northwest. There you will find the next marker lead that leads into the cave.

Once there, enter the cave and grab the corpse that rests by it. Bring it deeper into the cave. Set the corpse down about the middle of the cave on the rocks. This will lure the Man-Eater bear out so you may engage it. If you get drawn into close combat there will be more prompts than with a regular bear.

Feline Feet
Available: Complete “Man-Eater”
Reward: The Bobcat Memento at the Manor, unlocks “The Patriarch.”

Go to the Northwestern area of the Frontier. Activate your Eagle Vision to seek out the unique Bobcat tracks. Follow them carefully to the Bobcat itself. Here you will have 2 options:

1 – Chase the Bobcat through the gorge and the cave to the top of the hill. This will present your opportunity to kill it. If you fail, you will need to start again.

2 – Spring toward the gorge at the start of this sequence of events before the Bobcat can start running. This will give you a chance to quickly end the chase with a nearly immediate kill.

The Patriarch
Available: Complete “Feline Feet”
Reward: Deer Memento in the Manor, unlocks “The Pack Leader.”

In the marked area North Connor's village, activate Eagle Vision to locate the target deer. It will appear golden as in previous entries of the series.  Approach it very carefully through the stalking zone to the East of it. Just wait at that point for it to get close.

The Pack Leader
Available: Complete “The Patriach”
Reward: Wolf Memento in the Manor, unlocks “Acute Cat”

The mission begins in the Northwestern part of the Frontier. Head to the South of the starting point to move into the search area. Head to the South, up the hill toward the rock outcropping to find your first clue. Activate Eagle Vision and look to the West to find your next clue. Continue that way and you will find the pack. You must kill the 3 wolves that you find first before you can lure out the leader. Head to the South to find the leader and kill it. It will run some so using a bow makes this fight a lot easier.

Acute Cat
Available: Complete “Pack Leader”
Reward: Cougar Memento in the Manor, unlocks “The Elk Bachelor”

Head to the Northeast from where you get the mission itself. You will find a cliff face that you can approach from the West and climb up. Follow the trail there and it will lead straight to the cougar you are looking for.

The Elk Bachelor
Available: Complete “Acute Cat”
Reward: Elk Memento in the Manor

Head to the East from where you get the mission into the Valley Forge region. Now you can either attempt to track down the elk on the ground or in the trees of the surrounding area. It likes to start in the pool of the area. Sneaking up on it makes it the easiest while engaging it directly takes a lot more running and is a lot harder. Pistols are a great help if you chose that path.