Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 41 – Sequence 8: Public Execution

Things look grim and thanks to the scene, not much will be said for them. When Connor is outside is when things start happening again. Move forward through the openings in the crowd. It is time for things to start picking up again after that little time in prison. After you get through the crowd and take a few blows, Achilles will appear out of the crowd and pass on a message. It just after this the scene comes to a head and takes a turn.

Optional Objectives:
Kill 2 enemy Militia Men
Washington's Bodyguards must survive

It is time to get down to business now. After Lee has his speech, use the prompted button quickly to cal the assassin recruits. They will make the change that is needed. From there go charging to the left and use your momentum to charge to pull off a a chained assassination between 2 enemy militia men.

After the dust settles, Connor and Achilles have a nice talk. Achilles directs Connor's attention to where it needs to be. After their talk interact with the door on the right. He comes in during the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is something else to witness and a fun scene in its simplicity.

It is from here that the game moves away from Connor and back to the present.