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    Time to scrounge through your attic

    Ever wondered if you have anything rare and valuable gathering dust in your attic? A rare video game system perhaps. A vintage board game. Or an artifact from ancient times, proudly displaying the label "Made in China" on the back. You might be sitting on a fortune, but you have no way to tell... until now!

    A review of Game Collector

    As an avid video game collector, I am always trying to expand my collection. Get new video games that I don't yet own. Problem is, sometimes I cannot remember what I have and what I don't have. For I have thousands of video games in my collection, all scattered around the house: on bookshelves, in closets, in boxes... If I ever want to find out whether I have a game or not, I have to frantically rummage through all those locations, creating a total mess in the process.

    As a user of the database, you most likely collect something as well, whether it be video games, comics, books or what not. frequently receives questions from users on how to better organize their growing collections.

    And so, in  order to catalog my video game collection, and to explore solutions available for the collectors community, I decided to try out the Game Collector software from

    Factors determining a collectible's value

    This article discusses factors that raise or lower a collectible's value

    Reasons people collect stuff

    Reasons people spend so many resources to build collections

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