Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 4 – Sequence 2: Welcome to Boston, A Favor

Kenway will disembark from the boat and meet the first of his 5 contacts, Charles Lee. He explains that it has been arranged for Kenway's bags to be brought to his Inn so that Lee can show Kenway around Boston. The two will exchange pleasantries and Lee will ask if he might study under Kenway. Kenway does not immediately accept the offer and lets it go.

Lee will beckon you forward should you fall behind. Just keep up with him. If you fall somewhat behind, just fast walk. After the basics are covered Kenway will need to get some supplies. Lee will run off to get some horses for their use. Have Kenway head forward to the West and look for the General store along the North side of the street. Just head to the North and you will encounter Benjamin Franklin. He will tell you that he is missing pages from his first almanac. He wants Kenway to collect the 4 pages and he will gladly help him out at that point. After that scene head into the shop and talk with the shop keeper. Kenway has great need of a sword and a pistol. Do not worry about the courier mission out front. Save that for later.  After that, head outside and mount onto the horses to the East with Lee.

Follow Lee on the horse over to the Marked Inn, the Green Dragon. It will not take long but you need to follow Lee all the way there. Once there dismount and head inside the tavern itself. This will complete the first part of Sequence 2. Head inside the Green Dragon Tavern to finish things out and begin the next part of Sequence 2.

A Favor
Once inside the Green Dragon there are a few things to deal with. After the introductions, of sorts, head with Lee upstairs. Head up the stairs in the center of the Inn and turn right at the top of them. Just keep following Lee and you will find William Johnson. He will admit that his research has been stolen and that his associate, Thomas Hickey, has been working the rounds to find some loose tongues to learn more of what has become of the research. Head on down the stairs and leave the tavern.