Assassin's Creed 3 – Leveling Up Homesteaders: Ellen the Tailor, Lyle the Doctor

Silk Errand (Sequence 9)
Talk with Ellen outside of her house. It only takes a short while to do this quest. Head over to New York and go to the marker. You will see her, “Husband” there and he will run away. Head into the chicken coop and investigate the empty box. Connor is given a flash of what the husband did with it, which is throw it over the fence from the coop into the yard where you met him. Just grab it and bring it back to Ellen at the Homestead.

The Final Straw (Sequence 9)
Head into the Homestead. You will see this mission close to Lance's. You will find one of the homesteaders calling out over to the Connor. Everyone is now running for Ellen's as her husband is now trying to break into her new house with his friends. Run up to the man by the window. It is very easy to just choke him out and be done with the first one. After that you can dive into the fray or just wait for the individuals to break off and head for either of the windows or the front door. Once they do, then just approach them from behind and take them out that way. There are between 5 and 6, so it takes a few minutes to complete this one. Still, worth the effort to finish out the quest chain related to Ellen.

Lyle the Doctor
Slander (Sequence 10)
Head over to Lyle's place. He will ask Connor to walk and talk with him. He explains that the British have launched a smear campagain against him. It is having far reaching effects too. Lyle will ask Connor to track down the Courier who brought him the note who is based out of Boston. Head there and go to the Homestead Mission mark to begin it.

Once that is done, head into the Green Search area to the Southwest. Head over to the Town Crier mark. There you will find a Paper boy calling out with news on “Dr. Death.” Just approach and talk with him to bribe him and stop him from calling it out any more. Now turn to the Northwest and go into the next search area. Once again, head toward the crier mark that you see. Head to the East from that mark with Eagle Vision and look to the Southwest to find the Paperboy calling out the next bit on Dr. Death. Bribe him to move on. Head back to the crier mark and go to the East. You will find the third at the entrance of the alley leading toward the pier. Now head to the next search area to the South.

This is a quick search as the Paperboy is only a little South of the last one. Bribe him to move onto the next. He tells Connor that he will keep doing this while the Overseer pays him. Turn on Eagle Vision and look to the North. The Overseer will appear shortly. Now you can either pick-pocket him or beat him up. That choice is yours. Once you do the memory ends.

Wait Times (Sequence 11)
Go and talk with Dr. White who is over by the Aquila. Something is ravaging the crew. Now Connor needs to head to Diana and bring her over to Dr. White. Head to the North. If you are worried about time, call your horse but it is only 70 meters. Just get to Diana then return to Dr. White. You will now have 2 minutes to attend to 5 sailors. Head to each of the markers in turn. They are all close by so do not worry about the timer running while Connor treats the men. Once you finish, the timer stops then it is time to head back to Dr. White. Just head back and talk with him to finish the mission itself.