Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 24 – Sequence 5: Laying Low, Stop the Presses

Optional Objective: Do not raise your Notoriety to Level 3
After that cutscene it is time to head to the printers and deal with them. Head to the Pier and turn to the West. Be sure to take the lower route to avoid any sort of confrontation with the red coats. Now head along the pier to the stairs nearby the hay cart you used earlier. Turn to the Northwest then quickly to the North down the next street. There is a checkpoint to your left so keep as far away from it as possible.

Now, when you can go into the alleyway to the West, do so. This gives you a little break from the guards looking for you. Head on through this courtyard then move to the corner at the opposite end so Connor can look out onto the street. Wait for the hay cart and the patrol behind it to pass by. Once they have head t othe right of the building in front of Connor and down the alleyway there. Now use the free running course in front of you to quickly climb to the top of the next building. There is a patrol of guards moving toward Connor and it is much better to avoid detection at this point. From there just head to the West quickly and drop into the courtyard below. There is a Sniper on top of the building you just went by so work quickly to get down. Once inside the courtyard simply head for the marker that sits over the cellar entrance.

Once inside the Boston Underground weave your way to the East and south. It will not take long to get through this part. Follow Sam's prompt to light any lanterns. This will make getting around in the tunnels easier in the future. He will also tell you that Rats will often lead you to an exit, if you get turned around. Pick the lock and head on out.

Stop the Presses
Once back in the open air turn to the left and free run upwards. Get onto the roof of the building and head to the Northern side of the building. Drop down from there to reach the entrance to the printer's. You must defeat the 2 guards posted outside (and likely a few others) to gain entry to the printer's. Once that is done it is time for another cutscene.

After that, it is time to simply follow Sam Adams and listen to the last warnings in regards to the alertness of the guards. Take some time to listen as Connor has some interesting questions. Once done, after another cutscene, head to the Harbor Master and talk with him. He will take Connor back to the Davenport Homestead. This will start up things for the next memory.