Assassin's Creed 3 – Club Challenges: Frontiersmen – Missions

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Approach any of the Frontiersmen campfires and talk with them to begin this mission. They will direct you to search the camp for clues. Note, this seems to require the camp close to Connor's village. Head through and you should encounter a green search area. Approach the body with the clue and investigate it. This will summon the wolf responsible over to Connor. Turn and face it and be ready for the QTE. Remember, failing the first button press have Connor being savaged by the wolf and it can end him very quickly. When the wolf is dead, skin it (for good measure) and return to the Frontiersmen camp. This will allow you to start next mission.

Finding the Sasquatch
After visiting another Frontiersmen Camp you will be able to gain this side quest. It is time to track this thing down and kill it. Head to the Northwestern corner of the Frontier. Connor will find a search area. Once there look for the clues. Using Eagle Vision it is easy to see where the tracks are leading after you investigate the first clue. Use Eagle Vision to follow the footprints into the cave or just head straight in the direction that Connor faces and you will find it very shortly after. Just go on through the cave and you will find the Sasquatch without much trouble. A nice conversation later and you are ready for the next of the quests.

The Haunted Lighthouse
After a visit to the Frontiersmen camp you will hear the tale of the Haunted Lighthouse. People are scared because of unearthly sounds and it mysteriously lighting up. Head over to the Eastern side of the Frontier itself. You will find a marked search area around the lighthouse itself. Start by climbing up it. At the top you will find a clue to investigate and finish out this little sidequest.

The Headless Horseman
An old time classic talking of a Hessian who had his head blown off by a cannonball. This specter is after heads until he can find his own. Head to Concord in the Frontier and go South from there to find the marked search area. Approach one of the bodies within the search area (using Eagle Vision they will appear Gold) and investigate it. This will lead to a little cutscene. Enjoy it.

Monster of the Sea
Opposed to heading to one of the camps, this time head to one of the Frontiersmen Taverns that are in Boston. This quest is available after you have completed “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Listen in to hear the story and it is time to start working on this strange tale. Now head to the Northern part of Boston and eavesdrop on the 3 Frontiersmen markers that are present along the harbor. After that head to the nearby cemetery that became marked. Talk with the widow to learn a little more. Now head to the South and investigate his Workshop. You will find a strange device that merits investigation, some diving equipment.

Unidentified Flying Object
This is another mission you gain from the tavern. Once you have heard the story head to the Western part of Boston and look for the Frontiersmen Mark out that way. Travel out there and head over to the tree that has the marker. Climb up it and you will find an umbrella in its branches. To get up, head out from the house over to the outhouse that is nearby. Turn to the North and jump over to the nearby tree. After that, just jump through the trees until you reach the object itself.