Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 6 – Sequence 2: Next on the List, The Surgeon

Next on the List
After the cutscene at the end of the last segment, turn around and talk with Lee. This cutscene will point Kenway in the right direction and Thomas Hickey will offer up one more good piece of advice while horribly drunk and making out with one of the owners. He will tell you that one of the locals ha been taking natives and selling them as slaves. Lee will gladly point out that someone on your list, Benjamin Church, is an expert on such matters. Head on out of the Green Dragon.

The Surgeon
Optional Objectives:
Eavesdrop on a move group of guards
Do not fail a single eavesdrop

Once outside the scene fast forwards to Church's house. Head forward and talk with Lee to start the next part of the mission. After Kenway has no luck summoning Church with knocks, Lee will kick down the door. Inside the place has been ransacked. Kenway will cut away a portion of a portrait so he can have some help finding Ben Chruch.

With that part completed head over to the Southwest. There you will find the group of people you are looking for. Listen in to the 2 people talking. They are talking about Church. You must wait out the first part of the conversation. After that, they will notice Kenway's interest and turn to look at him. At this point you will be prompted to blend with the 2 civilians to the right of you. Head over there immediately and blend in with them. Listen in to the rest of the conversation then it is time to move onto the next one.

With that eavesdropping completed it is time for you to head for the first viewpoint you can synchronize with. It is a good ways to the Northeast of your current location. There are any number of routes you can take there. Either you can just run over there on the ground or take to the roofs. Once at the church, climb to the top and synchronize with the area. It will open it up on your map, revealing a number of different eavesdropping opportunities. Now make a Leap of Faith into the straw pile to the right of the steeple.

It is now that the optional objectives will come into effect. Time to get the first 3 done. Head out of the straw and over to the East. You will find a hiding location to the South of them. Just be sure to drop onto the ground at the edge of the eavesdropping location. The 2 red coats will gripe about things. Just wait it out to finish this first opportunity.

Now head to the Northeast. Once inside the next area, continue to the Northeast toward the church. Head past the first opportunity that is directly outside the church fence and focus on the pair inside. Blend between the 2 civilians by the fence and it will not be long before you have this second eavesdropping completed.

Time for the third and hardest of the eavesdropping. Continue to the Northwest, looking for the next target. This one is the hardest as you must blend, wait for the targets to come within range then tail them successfully. If you hang onto just the edge of the eavesdropping range you will have no problem staying in range without alerting the targets. They will be looping around the collection of stalls so it is easy to predict where they will be.