Assassin's Creed 3 – Liberation Missions (Boston) and Assassin Recruits

Liberation Missions:
    Assassin Recruits

Unlike the past games where the Recruits were found here and there, Recruits are unlocked as zones  are taken over to the Assassins from the Templars. You take over the districts by completing the Liberation Missions in each area. These are simple or challenging task that will repulse the Templars from the area.

Liberation Missions
Boston – Central: Stephane Chatheau
Stephane Chatheau: Ability – Riot
With civilians nearby you can use this ability to whip up a riot. They will attack whatever hostiles are in the area.

This mission is found in the Eastern part of Boston, to the South of Fort Hill. You will find Stephane and you can talk with him. It takes a little time to listen to the story. A few conversations are the option here and it does not take too long to listen to them both.

Boston – North: Gang of Boston
Duncan Little: Bodyguard
This will call in all of your recruits and they will fan out around Connor. As he is noticed by guards, the recruits will move to those who noticed him and assassinate them. This will continue until all of your recruits have assassinated something

These missions have you defend 3 merchants from attacks by gangs. Each time you must run down one thug that flees the scene. If they make it onto horseback, call your own horse and set off in pursuit. If you can get to them fast enough before they gallop away, Connor can pull them off the horse and then kill them with the hidden blade.

The third mission introduces something different. You must free a civilian captured by the thugs. Close in from above and assassinate the thug nearby the civilian. From there just start fighting with the rest of them. Keep an eye out for them forming a firing line. It is important to quickly take them all down. After that, head over to the civilian and free them. This is the start of 2 more people that need to be freed from being captured. Both are marked as missions and are easily revealed by finding a view point. The second one is found is the Western part of Northern Boston with 2 thugs and a civilian. The final one is to the  Southwest of the Northern Harbor Master. It stands out as there is a square restricted area around it.

When the missions are complete head to the tavern that Duncan is in. A cinematic starts and the final mission begins. Head to the North of the Bar to move toward the Templar leader. He is found in the Northern part of North Boston, a ship moored at the piers there. You can either head up the pier to the ship and fight your way through the soldiers or dive into the water and swim over to the ship, skipping most of the conflicts along the way. Go along the pier and use the new Bodyguard ability.

Boston – South: Martial Law
Clipper Wilkinson: Marksmen
Selecting this ability changes how a target is assassinated. It will use one mark and whatever is targeted will be shot. This is a good way to safely remove a target without raising awareness or endangering one of the recruits.

These missions are simple. You need to stop 3 military pursuers who are on horseback running down a man on foot. These are also a great chance to work on your horse to horse assassination technique. It does not come up much, it it is good to know about.

You also need to stop 3 military escorts of conscripts. These usually consist of 4 – 6 men and a number of prisoners. Dive into the fray after you hold up the convoy. Use whatever weapon you are best with to quickly dispatch the escort. The men will then aid you and run off.

When you have finished the missions head for your contact in the South end of Southern Boston. It is time to take down the Templar leader in the area.

Head to the start of the Liberation Mission and talk with Wilkinson. He will express his interest in stopping the templars from their recruitment drive. All you need to do is press on through the area, fight through the men and get to the leader on the platform above. It only takes a little time get through to the platform. The leader will simply stand on the top of it and fire down on you. Use this time to keep out of his  line of fire and to kill off his men. Assassinate the man on top and you will finish this mission, gaining Clipper Wilkinson as a recruit.