Assassin's Creed 3 – Benedict Arnold Missions: Traitor in Our Midst, Showing Traitors the Way

Traitor In Our Midst
This is the first mission of a 4 mission chain. It starts at any of the Benedict Arnold locations (though the first is by the Western exit to the Frontier from New York). Once Connor and Washington have their talk head to the West and over to the next Marker for Benedict Arnold, this will take Connor to West Point where the Mission will begin properly.

The first objective is to find the spy and kill him without being noticed. Head to the South of the entrance point and into the green search zone. Connor will notice a patrol there. If you want to have an easy time of this, head up onto the house in front of the search zone and take to the tree running course.

Either way, use Eagle Vision to scan the crowd. In the back of the patrol you will find your target. Follow him carefully (or boldly if you are in the trees). After a short march they will turn to the left and form up around a barn. Head to the North of the barn and around the nearby house. From there Connor can easily either climb and jump into the hay cart or sneak into it. Either way, get into the Hay Cart and wait there. You can have an even easier time by slipping into the barn they patrol from its Eastern entrance and waiting for your target there. Once you have kill the first spy, 2 more are revealed that needed to be dealt with quickly. There is one to the North and one to the South on the Western side of the map.

In the Southern search area you are looking for someone taunting a Regular who is held captive. This fellow is found along the Southern edge of the search area. There are a few ways to take him down. One is using a nearby stalking zone for a stealth assassination. Another option is to climb up any of the nearby trees and use a Poison Dart to quickly deal with him.

In the Northern search area you are looking for a soldier inside their tent. They are found in the Western area of where Connor needs to search. If you approach from the South and West, it is the first tent you will spot. Wait for the lone patrol to come and go then move in for the assassination.

There is one more kill needed to finish out this mission. Head to the Fort in the Southwestern part of Westpoint. Head to the Western side of the fort and quickly walk through the gates. Turn right just as you enter the area to avoid being spotted. Turn around toward the entrance immediately as your target will come running into Connor. Assassinate him as he approaches Connor to finish the memory as to prevent things going very wrong for Connor.

Showing Traitors the Way
Head to the Southwestern corner of the Fort in Westpoint to begin this mission. Pick up one of the crates to get the marker of where you need to head next. Head to the North of the Fort into the nearby camp. This part maybe dull, but things will pick up before too long. Jog to that camp to get to the next part.

The camp is in a massive brawl. From that brawl a single man will break away, this is your target. Chase after him and tackle him. He will either just go straight up the slope from the brawl or break to the right of it and climb the nearby rocks. Just head around them and then you will have an easy time of tackling him.

Once Connor has the prisoner just walk him to the Vulture. He begs a bit to be set free but Connor is not swayed.