Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 44 – Sequence 9: Father and Son, The Foam and The Flames

Travel to New York. While this will pass a month of game time and remove the snow, it will set the stage for all the side quest in New York. It is also recommended (heavily) to use some time to hit the view points and synchronize with them to open up the map for your use. Also take some time to recruit the new Assassins. They will be a big help much sooner rather than later.

Once all that is done it is time to head to the start of this memory. Head to the bench and things will begin. Now it is time to follow Haytham. It is very interesting to see the two go butt heads as they will since they have similar, yet very opposite ideas of the world. Keep this up for a while until the next cutscene. The two go at each other a bit then it is back to following Haytham. Continue until you get to the ladder. Another cutscene runs and after that the next objective begins.

Optional Objective:
Do not get detected while stealing the Mercenary's uniform

Head over to the marked Mercenary. You must walk out for a Red Coat Patrol that moves to the North. Only move on your target once they have left the area. Before they get there. There is very little time you have once they do to kill and loot the Mercenary. Just be sure to kill him behind the hay cart as it will block the view of the patrol (and the 2 Red Coats standing nearby). If they notice you once the looting of the body is complete then it will not matter. Another cutscene runs and you are inside the brewery.

The Foam and the Flames
Head forward and go around the corner to meet up with Haytham once again. From there is another pair of cutscenes.

Optional Objective:
Limit Haytham's Health loss to 50%

Lay into the guards immediately. A few are more determined than others and will not quickly go down to a counter-kill. Just fight and fight fiercly. Get a kill streak on the weaker ones to wipe them out and from there focus on the ones that take more effort. Another cutscene and then it is onto the final scene in this memory.

Optional Objective:
Do not take any fire damage

Time to escape the burning Brewery. Head to the left and start up the ramp into the rafters to the right. Cut corners to avoid the burning beams and head on through the rafters over to the V-shaped beams. Once you make it there jump through them. Once Connor lands, turn right and follow that path until it collapses. On the floor, turn left and head for the wall. Connor will duck through the hole and then you need to turn right. Head for the wall and climb it up. Continue to the very top then follow the directions to back eject and go from the platform to the beam to the wall on the far side. From there simply climb the wall all the way to the top. This will finish out the memory and bring on the next.

Before you start the next one, be sure to take some time to do some Naval Missions from the Homestead to upgrade the Aquila to prepare her for what is to come.