Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 37 – Sequence 7: Conflict Looms

Head on out of the Congress. Talk with Adams on the way out to learn more about what he is up to. After that, just leave the building. Connor will be taken to Bunker Hill where the final part of this Sequence can begin. Once there, head to the North to reach the proper starting point of this memory. Use some of this time to get the Recruits or any remaining Side quest. By starting these missions, Connor will be in a different segment of the world than usual, cutting him off some side quests that are otherwise available until the completion of this sequence. Take some time to do any that you found en route to Charlestown before you start this mission.

Once you are ready, speak with the man on the road at the marker. He is hestiant and leery of Connor, but will listen when he is giving the letter from Samuel Adams. For now, just follow the scout. When Connor dismounts simply follow the shouting (and the marker) to find Putnam. You should take some time to listen to his ranting. After that, it is time to start moving and not stop.

Optional Objective:
Cross Charlestown without taking Damage

Head down the hill and for the roof of the nearest house at full run. This is not a time for subtly (that is what all the explosions are for). Slide down the embankment and head straight for the house in front of it. Climb up the wall closest to you then break to the left on the rooftop. Keep to the right-hand side to make everything a little easier. Continue along this path until you see a V-branch tree in your way. Hop over to it and then down onto the overhang below. From there, drop onto the ground. Head to the right of the house immediately and into the alleyway there.

As Connor comes out of the alleyway, move quickly across the road to the stables beyond. This will ensure that he does not get fired upon by the Red Coat patrol pressing up nearby. Once you pass under that overhang turn to the left. You will notice some moorings sticking out of the water. Start across those as it is faster to run and jump than swim. On the next pier head a little to the right and then continue across the next moorings coming out of the water. Press on to the ship nearby and climb up it. It is from the far side of this ship you will need to start swimming for the ship to the far east. You will make it there and complete that first optional objective.

Optional Objectives:
Air Assassinate a Grenadier (the one in the kilt and the big hat)
Remain undetected on the ships

(If you want to just be done with it, head onto the ships and fight it out. It only takes a little time but the following is to complete all optional objectives)
Close onto the boat near the ship and from there swim up up to the Eastern side of it. Give it wide berth until Connor is on the proper side then slowly swim up to the Eastern side of the ship. Climb up to the edge of the railing, but do not act just yet. This soldier needs to be assassinated when the Grenadier on the opposite side is looking away. Once that soldier is down, climb up onto the ship and move quickly over to the crates at the stern of the boat on your right. Alternatively you can slip to the stern of the boat on its railing and then wait a moment. When the Grenadier is looking away and the soldier patrolling the stern has stopped at the wheel, move behind the crates and whistle to the soldier. He will come over to investigate and Connor can perform a Corner Assassination on him.

Now it is time to deal with the Grenadier properly. Wait for him to start his patrol then have Connor run to the main mast and climb up it. Wait until the Grenadier is behind the crates to drop down on him and get your air assassination. To ensure good timing, have Connor hang on the Northern side of the mast and wait there for your target. Worse case scenario you will need to kill everyone on that first boat. For the final 2 by the bow, wait for the grenadier to pass by then use a poison dart on each. With them down, just climb the central mast and wait for the grenadier. Air Assassinate him then like the powder in the center of the deck. Run and jump from there into the water in the time you have then make it over to the next ship.

This one is much easier. Once again, come up to the ship on the side that the cannons are not firing. Climb up on the Southern side of this point. Now, get up to the railing and look to the left. You will notice an officer standing there who is patrolling the area little. Wait for him to move away. At that point, fast walk onto the deck, plant the charge then fast walk to the railing and dive into the water. Some of the soldiers may see Connor but he will not be detected. Just wait for the explosion at that point. It will instantly wipe out all the soldiers. Now climb the mast to the top hang the flag then dive back into the water. Just swim to shore to finish out this part of the sequence.