Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 47 – Sequence 10: Broken Trust

Optional Objectives:
Do not touch the ground
Stop all the Patriot Messangers within 3 minutes
Stop the Kanien'keha:ka with non-lethal methods

Head out to the Frontier and to the entrenchment that the Patriots have out in Valley Forge. You will find Haytham nearby and you can begin the next part of this sequence. There is a longer cutscene between Haytham, George and Connor. Connor has good reason to be angry and then it is time to start working on the problem at hand, stopping the attack on the village.

Now is when things get challenging for the objectives. Hit the first way point and for those after a full synchronization make sure you have the bow and pistols (hopefully you have 3 shots ready at least) available through quick select. The bow in case you only have one or two shots.

To pull off running down all the messengers in 3 minutes you need to keep within the green corridor that the mini-map shows. Now you have a very narrow trail to follow. Do that and only a short while later, approximately 20 seconds, you will find the first of the messenger. You can either run him down or shoot him. After that just follow the trail at full speed until you come across a small group of 3 messengers. Gallop up behind the back one and perform a horse to horse assassination. After that, fire off your guns at the remaining 2 messengers. Done right they will not have any chance to run and you still will not have touched the ground. This one is very important to do quickly as Connor could get shot otherwise and fall to the ground, failing the first objective.

Keep on the trail and follow the green path a while yet, reloading your gun. The final messenger takes 2 bullets to kill so be ready for it. Chase after him as he will honestly run from Connor. Spur the horse whenever possible. When you have a clean shot, take it. After that, slow down, aim and shoot again to finish off the messenger. Now just stay on the horse and approach the village. The optional objective remains in effect until the next scene. Follow the trail and the markers and this will be no problem. Just be sure to cut wide around the restricted area that has appeared. With that, just ride into the village and approach the clan mother. Another cutscene will begin and you only have one more objective to worry about.

Leave the village to trigger the next part of the mission. You have 6 natives to neutralize and you need to do it without killing any of them. Equip the smoke bombs and make sure Connor's main weapon is his fist. With these 2 small changes it becomes a lot easier to complete the final objective. With a route that starts with southern most target and sweeps North then West then South, it will be very easy to get through them all. This is a plan that must be very adaptable. Hang it as best you can as there is no one proper path through it. Just be sure you do not kill anyone and you are fine. Just go through the final cutscene of this memory. It is nothing pretty and very sad.