Assassin's Creed 3 – Captain Kidd's Treasure – Oak Island

Complete all other Peg Leg/Captain Kidd Missions

Walk with Faulkner to the clearing. It is just after these scenes that challenges will begin.

Optional Objective:
Solve the riddle within 5 minutes

Turn to the Northwest, the direction of the nearby fallen tree and activate Eagle Vision, Run over to the rocks that are beyond the tree and just past the nearby stump. Climb up onto the rocks and interact with the clue. This gives you the first of the puzzles. The goal is to align the 2 far circles with the tree and rock with the single, closer circle needs to be aligned the tree just to the left Connor.

With that done head to the South and look for a barren tree that has no leaves and looks very dead. Climb up the side and head out onto the Northern branch. Here you will find the second symbol and you need to align another set of circles. The 3 circles in a row need to be aligned with the 3 trees while the circle farther up, closer to Connor needs to be aligned with the rock you can see. Once you complete this, perform a leap of faith to quickly drop down to the ground.

Now turn to the East and head toward the pond. You will notice a pile of rocks to the left and right of the pond. Head over to the rocks on the left and turn to face the ones to the right. Run over there and activate Eagle Vision to reveal the next symbol. Interact with it to trigger the third puzzle. With this one, the big circle needs to align with the large rock while the 2 smaller circles connect to the 2 smaller rocks nearby. Align the big rock first then adjust the symbols themselves until they snap into place.

For the final clue, turn to the North and head toward the dead tree in that direction across the pond. Once there, climb up it and into its highest boughs. Interact with clue to begin the final puzzle. Look over to the right. You will notice the 2 lit up trees and the rocks. Align the circles and you will find the entrance to Captain Kidd's Treasure. The puzzles are done but the challenge is not done yet.

Head over to the marker to the West. As Connor reaches the clue things begin to happen. He is attacked by 3 wolves.

Optional Objective:
Do not use any ranged weapons against animal
Limit Health Loss to 30%

These 2 optional challenges mean Connor must either assassinate the wolves by gaining some height on them or going through the QTE sequence when they attack, getting both button presses the first time. If any wolf gets through the third objective will be failed. If you head over to the fallen tree you can easily ensure they will not hit Connor and you can assassinate them after jumping at them. Now head back to the clue and Faulkner. Interact with the clue for the next cutscene. After that just shoot the barrels to clear the way down. Just head on in after that to set into the final part of Captain Kidd's treasure.

Once you are in the cavern turn to the East and head along the path. Dive underneath obstructions when prompted. Once on the other side just continue forward and then go up the slope. From there jump out onto the 2 stalagmites and onto the nearby wall. Climb on up and go to the left at the top of the wall. At the end of the climb head forward and swing across the beams into the next area. Have Connor move forward until he jumps and grabs the next wall. On this wall head up then over to the right. At the end of this climb, back eject to reach the next segment.

From here run along the wooden beams and just keep moving forward. After Connor jumps, keep moving as he needs to slide through the gap in front of him and he can only do that while running. Conintue to the South and climb up the wall there wit the remains of a rope bridge. Go up as far as you can then over to the left followed by going up to the next ledge. From there just go straight ahead to find Captain Kidd's Treasure but there is only one in particular that Connor is interested in and it is glowing.

Once Connor grabs the ring he has 25 seconds to run on out of there. Just dash straight forward with a little maneuvering for the odd V-branch in the path. Just get out of there and you will complete the final part of Captain Kidd's challenge.