Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 16 – Outside the Animus

Now it is time for Desmond to wander around a little. Take some time look at the e-mails on the terminal by the animus and talk some with the people around the cavern.

Talk with Shaun and Rebecca for Desmond to get caught up with them. You can also talk to William by heading to the North of the Animus. He likes to stand nearby the entrance. The strain between the two of them is very obivous.

Now, head to the left of William, around the gap and up the stairs. You will notice some technology to the left. Approach it to have a little lecture from one of the images. Look around and Desmond will find a path upwards. You will find a second lecture from Juno at that point.

After the second, start moving forward again. Turn right when you can and follow the stairs downward. From there you can easily get back to the main area. There is nothing more to do outside of the Animus. It is time to head back into the memories and learn what rests in the next set of them.