Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 21 – Sequence 5: A Boorish Man

Ratonhnhake:ton starts off on a cliff face. Just head on forward along it toward the marker as he talks about what is in front of him. Head along it until it seems to dead end. Turn to the left and climb up the slope there. To reach the homestead over land you simply need to head due East.

Understand you can continue to work by pressing on ahead and finding a path there over the terrain or you can call up your map and simply fast travel immediately to the Homestead, your destination.

Once inside the Davenport Homestead head forward and perform a leap of faith from the branch directly in front of the starting area of it. From there head to the Northeast to make it all the way to the homestead itself. For the easiest route (and some interesting NPC dialogue) just follow the road straight on toward the homestead. Approach the front door of the homestead and interact with it to begin the mission itself. This functions much more as a narrative than actual game play but it is still fun to experience.

After a brief cutscene Ratonhnhake:ton needs to head to the stables over to the Southeast. Just wait through the next cutscene with Ratonhnhake:ton sleeping. After that, head back to the house. Go back to the front door, interact with it. Now it is time to head around the house.

Now climb up to the roof from the door. Turn to the right and head over to the balcony. Now return to the stables. Time for another cutscene.

Ratonhnhake:ton will find himself confronting 2 men who seem to be interested in the Homestead for something inside.

Optional Objective: Limit Health Loss to 50%

This is one of the easier objectives to follow overall. If Ratonhnhake:ton keeps on the defensive then it is not too hard. Use the parry and counter strategy. If they manage a grapple on Ratonhnhake:ton then mash “Square”/“X” to break out from it. There are 2 attackers initially.

When you defeat the first pair, a second will appear and attack Ratonhnhake:ton. At this point he will wind up fighting at least 6 – 8 attackers. Again, try to keep on the defensive but if possible, go for a kill streak to make your life simpler. Just continue on with this until the Old Man comes out of his house after Ratonhnhake:ton takes a serious blow to the back of the head from the Boss Man.

After things have been dealt with, head to the house. The Old Man has a tale. After that follow him. It is not hard at all considering the pace he will be moving at. In the basement, the Old Man will finally give his name, Achilles. One more cutscene runs and the memory sequence comes to an end.