Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 53 – Sequence 12: Chasing Lee

This is the final chance to do any missions before moving into the post game. Be sure to restock on all consumables. It cannot hurt to have everything at your disposal as this is the final memory of the last sequence. When you are ready, head for the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston. Where the mission began, where Charles Lee was inaugurated into the Templar Order is the start of the final story memory of Assassin's Creed 3. Head inside the Green Dragon Inn. This will trigger a cinematic that leads the final chase.

Head out to the marker on the harbor. There is a search area that you must enter to track down Lee. Head along the deck from the pier. As you pass the second ship, activate Eagle Vision and you should have little trouble finding Charles Lee. Just approach to trigger the next part in the sequence.

Optional Objectives:
Stay within 50 meters of Lee
Do not shove anyone during the chase

Immediately start running. Hold a straight course initially but when you spot a red powder keg to the right, cut just a little to the left and slack off from running to avoid the blast wave from the keg. Just after that cut back to the right and quickly climb up the start of the free run course. Keep to the right on the outside until you pass one pair of guards. After that swing back to the left and hug the edge of the pier. As you come to the next group of regulars turn to the left and manually jump over the stairs just to the left of them. Now just chase after Lee through the civilian and across the river. Head up the ramp and chase him into the burning ship that is under construction. At the top turn to the right quickly and have Connor slide underneath the beams.

Optional Objective:
Do not take any fire damage

The final objective is added. Head forward then quickly turn to the right. Climb all the way up then turn to the left. Jump from there over to the rigging and swing over to the next ledge. Another collapse will pause Connor. Immediately head over to the right. Go through the opening then turn to the left. Simply run straight ahead, taking whatever route is presented to you. Just keep on Lee's heels until you swing out using the hinge beam. It is very simple from there. Enjoy the cinematic that runs.

When play resumes head down the ramp and forward. Turn to the right and head up the stairs heading toward the marker. This moves things forward and sets up for the next part of the journey. The next part is simple. Just head forward and do as prompted. There is nothing more to say for Connor.

December 20, 2012

It is time to insert all the power sources if you have not already done so. This is your last chance to go over any remaining e-mails so do so. Once that is completed then you need to head for the grand door with the other Assassins. Head up to the door to trigger the next part of the Ancient's plan.

Head on forward down the the path in front of you. Just run it and then the next cutscene will appear. This explains the situation between Titania and Minvera. Things come to a conclusion and it all moves toward the next chapter in what is Desmond's story.

Be sure to wait through all the credits to get the full story of what has just begun.

You have beaten the main storyline of Assassin's Creed 3.