Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 9 – Sequence 2: Infiltrating Southgate – The Wagon In

Once again you are outside the Green Dragon Tavern. Head inside and up the stairs to find your group. Talk with either group to start the next mission, time to Infiltrate Southgate. Things start simply with Kenway on the roof and the others having turned out a wagon to create a roadblock. With all that in place, grab the nearby musket and it is time for Kenway to start across the way to the building on the opposite side. There is a rope bridge between the building Kenway is on and the one opposite. It just so happens that the musket is at the edge of this rope bridge. Collect the musket and head across to the opposite side.

Once there choose a target from the many soldiers below. Shoot them then dive in with an Air Assassination. There are a total of 13 soldiers to be dealt with here. It will take a moment but you have a lot of support now. The fight will end quickly. A cutscene runs with Kenway giving everyone their roles. From there it is time to press forward.

Kenway will talk with the captive next to him and ask her about Silas to learn what he can about Silas' operations. During this time, shift the view forward. As you pass through town and Kenway talks with the woman, this will contain your ques for the attacks.

As the road turn to the right near the colonial house with a corral to the left of it with cows in it. You will hear the guard complaining and asking for identification. As you approach Kenway will be given the option to have his associates assassinate the guard. Follow the prompt on screen as the guard approaches to have your companions quickly take out the guards in front of you.

The second strike will come shortly after the first. You will see a dog pad onto screen from the left. It will raise some concern and a guard will appear. When you are close, have your companions strike again on the dog and guard. When you see the detection meter appear above this guard, strike with L2/Left Trigger.

The third group of redcoats will appear from the crops on the right as your wagon reaches the edge of them. Most of the way through they will start to draw close. Order their death when they get close and the detection meter appears once again.

Once you make it past the corn field you will find there is a large collection of soldiers that must be dealt with. As soon as one makes the detection meter appear, order your men to strike. It will take some time to wipe them out, but not too long.

With them down you are nearly there. Just wait out the last bit on the wagon and you will make it into the fort. Just wait for the cutscene to run to get inside.