Assassin's Creed 3 – Club Challenges: The Thief's Club


As in previous Assassin's Creed games you will find there are various groups that can help Connor throughout the game. These are the new version of Faction Missions from your time as Ezio. It is time to take a look at what these challenges are from the different groups, when they are unlocked and what they give. These clubs can be joined after starting Sequence 5.

Connor will be approached by a representative of the Thief's Club after he has pick-pocketed more than 100 pounds in funds.

Tier 1
Reward: Unlocks Tier 2

Pick-pocket 200 pounds
Perform 25 Air Assassinations
Catch a Courier
Kill 10 enemies from Hiding Places
Loot 10 bodies

Tier 2
Reward: Unlock Tier 3

Escape from open conflict by using blending or hiding 10 times
Steal everything a guard owns 3 times
Lure away a guard dog using bait 3 times
Perform 30 stealth kills without being detected
Steal everything from a rich citizen without being detected

Tier 3

Poison 5 enemies
Find and empty 10 chests in New York
Win 500 pounds by playing Minigames
Pick-pocket or loot 1,500 pounds
Successfully attack and loot 3 convoys