Assassin's Creed 3 – Epilogue Missions and Animus Synching: Pivots

While the main storyline is complete, there are still a few things that need to be done before earning the final achievement/trophy for beating the game itself. There are 3 missions that are introduced after the credits have rolled and everything is set for the next stage of the story wherever it may go.

Play resumes as Connor outside the Manor. Head on over to New York and you will see a Mission. This starts the first mission: Evacuation Day. Enjoy the cinematic. Now it is time to move onto the next part of the Epilogue Missions.

The Second Epilogue mission is found in the Frontier. Head on out there after participating in the first. Fast Travel to Connor's old village and interact with the man who is warming himself by the fire. This starts the second cinematic in the series: “Kanatahsehton.”

Now it is time to track down the third and final Epilogue mission in the area. Head for Boston. Simply traveling there is enough to start that particular scene. It triggers a scene in the Animus' White Room where youre introduced to the Pivot sidequest. This is a strictly online mission that has you seeking out particular locations via triangulation. When you return to the game from the pivot map you will get the Achievement/trophy for completing the game.

Animus Synching: Pivots
After you head into Boston this new mini-game is introduced. The basics are that by planting the pivots on the map through the new menu option you can unlock animus hacks. The narrower you can get the search area the better. Once you enter into the green search area you will be looking for a dashed square on the mini map. It can only be found in the green search area.

Finding Pivots
Once a pivot has been found you must wait for another to spawn. There are 12 pivots to be found in total. The base respawn time is 15 minutes. However, if you and your friends are all pivot hunting then it gets reduced by 20% per friend. This pivots are not placed randomly nor have set locations. They are set by other gamers and you need to find them. This puts them in odd locations that can take some effort to find.

While the hacks are active game progress will not be saved. These hacks are accessible through the Options menu:
Made of Steel: Cannot be Hurt
Infinite Ammunition
Sun and Moon: Change Between Day and Night
Killing Spree: Can assassinate targets even in open conflict
Semi-Automatic: No Reload time for Ranged Weapons
Ninja: Guard Detection and Investigation is disabled
Recruit: You have Infinite Recruit tokens
Weather Man: You can set the weather
Thunder kill: Every kill is accompanied by thunder and lightning
Season Changer: Manually change between Summer and Winter