Commodore 64

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    The Magic Candle - Commodore 64

    The best RPG. Ever.

    You play as Thor the Caveman (Not to be confused with Thor the Norse god of thunder), riding on your prehistoric stone mono-uni-cycle in a quest to rescue the beautiful Cute Chick from a very hungry dinosaur.

    When I was like 8 years old, I decided one day that I want a telescope so that I could look at the moon and the stars. And so, I saved my pocket money month after month, until I finally had enough to buy the telescope. And then I would spend an hour every night looking through it at the moon and the stars.

    My parents saw this and bought me a game for my Commodore 64 called Micro Astrologer. They figured that since I was looking at the moon and the stars every night, I would be interested in Astrology. But they were wrong, all I wanted to do was to look at the moon and the stars...

    And so this game gathered dust in a box full of other toys that I never touched. Until now, when I dug it up and decided to insert it into my Commodore 64.

    You have a destiny to fulfill. Will you survive the perilous journey through the gateway to the fabled Temple of Apshai?

    This game is one of the best RPG games I've ever played, and along with Sword of Fargoal (another great dungeon crawling game), it claimed many hours of my life, and heavily influenced my passion towards RPG games. This is one of the great ancestors of dungeon crawling games such as Diablo. Whenever you venture into one of the modern video game dungeons, remember - it all started here.

    You the Sheriff of this stinkin' town?

    It's tough being the Sheriff of Gold Gulch. Especially when your only deputy is busy getting drunk, and when the town doctor will let you bleed to death if you are too happy on the trigger. Will you survive 'til sundown?

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