Assassin's Creed 3 – Privateer Contracts: The Bahamas Contracts

Blistering Dawn
Optional Objective:
Limit Damage taken to 25%

Having the Hull upgrade helps a lot for this as 25% becomes notably more damage. Further more, it is very important to brace for each shot to cut the amount of damage immensely. This is a very straight forward battle with 2 schooners and 2 frigates. Run down the schooners quickly and destroy them using the swivel guns. After that, it is up to the broadside exchanges and bracing appropriately to survive through the 2 frigates.

A Call for Help
Limit Ally health loss to 75%

Once you start this mission you must control the Aquila carefully. There are some very tight turns in store for you. Move between full stop and half sail until you clear the rocks. After that you can run her full sail for a moment. Just after you meet up with the Independence you will see that all the enemy ships make their appearance. The best way to reduce damage to the Independence is to draw the fire to the Aquila as quickly as you can. This is best done by sailing right into the middle of each group so you can fire both port and starboard guns in quick succession.

Turn first to the South and head for the group here as it is where the Independence is headed. Just keep close to the Independence and use your Grapeshot (if available). You will find it has a shorter range than round shot but it does a lot more damage across a wider area. It makes this mission much easier overall to complete. Just head for the thickest gatherings of the enemy ships and fire into that. It will not be long before you can slow or halt the damage being done to the Independence and complete the contract.

Search for the Somerset
Optional Objective:
Limit environmental damage to 25%

Start by giving chase after the 2 schooners in front of the Aquila. This will trigger once you make it into the green search area to the Southwest. Once you make it through the rocks the optional objective is cleared. After that, change first to Grape shot to deal with the schooners and the other 3 boats. Follow that by changing to Fire Shot to finish the Somerset herself quickly and easily. Otherwise keep swinging around until you expose her weak point or simply ram her in the bow.