51 – Blackthorn City

From the exit of the ice path, head down. You will see someone who will congratulate you for making it through the Ice Path if you talk to them. Keep going down and then to the left to reach Blackthorn proper. In the first house you will find someone offering to trade you a Dodrio for a female Dragonaire. The other person in this house will award your Pokemon with an Effort Ribbon if they have completed their Effort Value training. Head to the left to find the Pokemon Center. Head in and heal up your Pokemon. Here, if you talk with the people around the center, you will learn about the Move Deleter who can remove HM moves (and there is no other way to do this), about a special cave where Gym Leaders can go to train a hint about Indigo Plateau being a place where numerous strong trainers gather. If you head next door, you will find the Poke Mart.
Bottom Clerk:
Poke Ball, great Ball, Ultra Ball, Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Max Potion, Revive, Antidote, Parlyz Heal, Awakening, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Full heal, Escape Rope, Repel, Super Repel and Max Repel.
Top Clerk:
Air Mail, Net Ball, Dusk Ball.

Head one more house to the left and you will be in the Move Tutor and Deleter's House. Inside the house you will find (going left to right): The Move Deleter, The Move Maniac, Grandma Wilma and the Ultimate Move Tutor. The Move Deleter will make your Pokemon forget a move, which includes HM moves. The Move Maniac will help your Pokemon remember a move it previously knew in exchange for a Heart Scale. Grandma Wilma will teach a Dragon type Pokemon Draco Meteor, the strongest Dragon Type move, if it really likes you. The Ultimate Move  tutor will teach your starter Pokemon the strongest move of its type: For Meganium is Frenzy Plant, Feraligatr it is Hydro Cannon and Typhlosion Blast Burn. For any of these Ultimate moves, when you use them, your Pokemon's Sp. Attack will drop sharply, so use them sparingly.

From there, just head on upwards and you will find the Pokemon Gym. Finally, you are expected again without much preamble. The person next to the Gym Entrance will tell you Claire, the Gym Leader, is expecting you. Head on in to take on the last gym!

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