10 – Sprout Tower

Ground Floor
Just in front of you, to the right a bit, is an old lady. She will tell you about a rumor of a Bellsprout over  100 feet tall that became the central pillar of this building. The person above her, looking at the pillar, remarks on how the pillar is shaking and that means that people are training upstairs. There are two monks on the left side of the room, one near the pillar and one near the ladder leading up. The monk near the pillar tells you that Sprout Tower was built long ago for training Pokemon. The one near the ladder simply remarks that those who make it to the top receive a wonderful move. Time to go up the ladder (There is also an item ball beyond the wall, on the right hand side of this room, which you cannot get right now).

Floor Two
Head to the right from the top of the ladder, there is a trainer who will challenge you, Sage Nico. He opens with a Bellsprout, lvl. 3. It largely just attacks with Vine Whip. He also has a Bellsprout lvl. 3 and lvl. 3. All will do the same thing, attack with Vine Whip. While lower level, a Water, Rock, Ground or any other Pokemon weak to Grass attacks would take some respectable damage after a while. Once you beat Nico, head down the ladder behind him.

This leads to the part of the Ground Floor that you could not get to before. Just down from you is an item ball which has a Parylz Heal inside it. Grab that and head to the left after that. Just about the turn down toward the ladder is another Sage who will challenge you, Sage Chow, explaining that they show respect to all Pokemon here. He opens with a Bellsprout, lvl. 3, which only has Vine Whip. After that he has two more Bellsprout lvl. 3. Once you beat him, head up the ladder

You are back on the second floor, with an item ball containing an X Accuracy above you. Head down from there and around the corner. Another Sage, Edmond, will challenge you. He has the usual trio of Bellsprouts at lvl. 3. After him, just head to the right and up the ladder behind him to reach the next floor

Floor Three
To your left is an item ball with a Potion inside. In front of you, you see three Sages. The first is Sage Jin, who has a Bellsprout, lvl. 6. Again, it attacks with Vine Whip because that is all it still has. The Sage after is Neal, who mentions that the TM the elder offers lights up even the most dark places. He also has a Bellsprout, lvl. 6, so again, it can only attack with Vine Whip. The third Sage on the right can be skipped, if you want to just walk forward on the right hand side of the pillar, which can be seen swaying now. In the event you fight him, he is Sage Troy. He opens with a Bellsprout lvl. 7. This one knows Growth in addition to the usual Vine Whip, so it can boost its Special Attack. After that Bellsprout he will send out a Hoothoot, lvl. 7. It has Tackle, Growl and Hypnosis, so be on guard in case Hypnosis puts one of your Pokemon to sleep.

When you walk forward, past the pillar, you will see your rival, the red haired boy who stole the Pokemon from Elm. The Elder is talking to him about what he's shown them is indeed good and gives him a Technical Machine, TM for short. He also remarks that the boy needs to care more for his Pokemon. After that, he states that he only cares about Pokemon that can win every time, after which he uses an Escape Rope to leave the Tower instantly. You can go and talk to the Elder now, as well as get the item ball in the back of the room on the right hand side, which contains an Escape Rope. When you talk with the Elder, he tells you that this is a place for training, where people and Pokemon come to test their bonds. He, Elder Li challenges you to a battle. He has a Bellsprout, lvl. 7, so again, it has Growth and Vine Whip, but that is all. After that he has a Hoothoot, lvl. 10, and Bellsprout lvl. 7. The Hoothoot has Hynposis and Peck added to its potential move pool, so keep prepared in case of a Pokemon falling asleep or Pokemon weak to Flying type attacks. The Bellsprout is the same as before. After you win against Elder Li, he pronounces you ready to fight Falkner and gives you TM 70, Flash. He remarks that it will illuminate any place, no matter how dark, when a Pokemon uses it. He suggest a Bellsprout.

Now, either use the Escape Rope to exit out of the Tower or walk back out, it would be nice if you a low level Pokemon that can take on all the wild Gastlys that roam the Tower.

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