57 – Route 26 to Pokemon League Reception Area

Finish crossing the bridge to the right. You will encounter Fisherman Scott, who will challenge you with Qwilfish lvl. 30, Seaking lvl. 34 and Qwilfish lvl. 30. From there, head up and to the right. In the grass as you make your way north you will find Psychic Vernon looking for a challenger. He will battle you with his Espeon lvl. 36. Head on up just a bit further, you can head to the left and find the Day-Of-The-Week Sibling House and check it out. Inside you will find a book that you can read, finding a note from Monica to her siblings that they should help out trainers who talk to them. It goes on to list where they are. Monica is on Route 40 on Mondays, Tuscany is on Route 29 on Tuesdays, Wesley is at the Lake of Rage on Wednesdays, Arthur is on Route 36 on Thursdays, Frieda is on Route 32 on Fridays, Santos is in Blackthorn City on Saturdays and Sunny is on Route 37 on Sundays. After head, head back to the right and go into the house near the trainer. Inside, you will be able to rest your Pokemon up. After that, you can take on Ace Trainer Joyce. She will fight you with a Pikachu lvl. 36 and Blastoise lvl. 36. After that, grab the Blu Apricorn from the tree nearby. From there, keep going northwards, favoring the right hand side.

Next up, you will find Ace Trainer Gaven on the right. He battles you with a Victreebel lvl. 32, Kingler lvl. 32 and Flareon lvl. 32. Afterwards, Gaven will offer you his number so he can battle you again later. Head up the steps just above Gaven and as you make your way up the stairs and you will find Ace Trainer Jake. He will use Parasect lvl. 33, Golduck lvl. 35 and Vaporeon lvl. 33 against you. Finish heading up the stairs and you will find one more trainer, Ace Trainer Jamie. She uses a Rapidash lvl. 36 and Flaaffy lvl. 31. After the battle Jamie will offer you her number for a rematch later. Take a moment to head down on the western side of the Route to collect a Max Elixir in the nearby item ball. Loop back up and head into the Reception Gate.

Inside the Reception Area, as you pass the first guard, he will stop you to check for your badges Trying to go down either side corridor will have the guard tell you that you need to wait to. Just head on straight up and reach Victory Road.

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