Once you step outside from the Violet City Gym, Professor Elm will call you and ask you to carry the egg that Mr. Pokemon had given you to pass on to Elm. His assistant is in the Poke Mart in Violet City, so you are spared the walk back to Elm's lab. Once you are done talking with Elm on the Pokegear, before you go to the Poke Mart, be sure that you only have 5 Pokemon in your party. You need one space for the Egg to fit in it. Head to the Pokemon Center to heal up your team and deposit Pokemon into the PC Storage system as needed. While you are in there, you may notice that the lady blocking the way to the downstairs has moved. This means that you can access the WiFi features of the game. All that is done downstairs, letting you meet up with friends over the WiFi. Take a moment to head down there, so Tela can give you a Pal Pad. This item will record the Friend Codes of people you know to trade, battle, etc. over the Nintendo WiFi.

After you are done in the Pokemon Center, head back up and to the left to reach the Poke Mart and receive that Mysterious Egg. The assistant is standing to the right of the counter, near one of the item stands in the store. Talk to him to receive the Egg. While you can refuse, the assistant will persist on you taking the Egg. He will tell you that the Professor receive a Phone call a bit after you left the Lab and he decided that you were the best person for the job. It appears that the Pokemon inside the Egg will only hatch when it is kept in a party of Pokemon. Thankfully, this Egg seems to be somewhere along the progress it needs to hatch so it will take a while, opposed to a long while. For now, try to keep it in your party so that it will hatch sooner.

When you step out of the Poke Mart, a woman will approach you, noticing the Egg that you have just received. She seems to know of its bit of travel history. She then asks you to take good care of it for her. After that, she will leave. Well, regardless, it is time to head for the next town. Head toward the building that leads to Route 36, in the Northwest part of town.

On Route 36, keep going to the left. The first person you meet tells you that an odd tree is blocking the way to Ecruteak City. They complain a little as this tree is preventing them from doing their shopping. The next person to the left will give you HM 06, Rock Smash. If you keep going to the left, you will see the Tree the person was talking about. Interacting with it has it more dancing than swaying. Not much this direction, so time to head back a little and head toward the building nearby, pointing you toward the Ruins of Alph. Head on into the North Entrance.

The guard inside talks about how this is an ancient tradition, but questions why someone would have it. The old man inside guesses that the strange tree on the Route above is the reason why less people are coming to visit the Ruins of Alph.

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