30 – Route 39 to Olivine City

From Route 28, head straight on. The first person you will meet here is Baoba. He apparently runs the Safari Zone over in Fushica, in Kanto, and he has come to Johto to learn about the new entertainments and open a new Safari Zone in Cianwood. He will offer his number so he can call you when the new Safari Zone is opened.

If you head up and to the left, you will find yourself at Moomoo Farm. There is also a Green Apricorn Tree next to the building, so take a moment to grab that. Inside the building, you will find two people. Both of whom will tell you that their Miltanks have stopped producing milk and this puts them in a bad spot. The other suggest feeding them berries to make them happy to encourage them to make more milk.

If you head into the small stable next to the main one, you will see two girls standing next to a small Miltank. The girls near the Miltank will tell you that it wants to be fed a lot Oran Berries. If you approach it and hit “A”, the game will ask if you want to give it an Oran Berry. You can take your time about this too, it does not have to be done all in one trip. After 3, it will become a little healthier. After a total of 7 Oran Berries, Moomoo will be completely healthy again. Talk to the girls to get your reward, the Seal Case.

After you do what you can in these buildings, head south, down a small slope, then head left to grab the item ball on the far side of the silo. It has TM 60, Drain Punch, inside it.

After that, head back out of the farm and continue on your way south, down Route 38. If you bump into the pacing person near the beginning of the route, you will be challenged by Psychic Nelson. He will lead with a Slowpoke lvl. 17. It will likely start with Water Gun. After that, it may use Growl or Tackle. Once you beat the Slowpoke, Nelson will send out another Slowpoke lvl. 20. It will likely start with Curse, which will cut its Speed to boost its Attack and Defense. Then it will likely attack with Headbutt.

Once you beat Nelson, keep heading South. Follow the path if you want to take on most of the trainers on this stretch of road, otherwise hop over the ledge to the left and just walk down through the grass. The first one is Sailor Eugene. He will lead with a Poliwhirl lvl. 17. It will likely start by attacking with Water Gun. After that, it may attack with Bubble, Hypnosis or Doubleslap. After that, Eugene will either send out Krabby lvl. 19 or Raticate lvl. 17. The Krabby will likely start with Leer, then follow it with Mud Shot or Bubblebeam. The Raticate will likely start by attacking with Bite then Focus Energy, Pursuit or Hyper Fang. Hyper Fang will half your Pokemon's HP when it hits.

Below Eugene is Pokefan Derek, who will send out a Pikachu, lvl. 18. It will likely start with Thunder Wave, trying to paraylze your Pokemon. After that it will probably use Quick Attack or Doubleteam. Derek will offer you his number after you beat him so he can talk to you about all the various kinds of Pokemon.

After Derek is Pokefan Ruth. She will send out a Pikachu lvl. 17. Its only attack is Quick Attack, aside from that, it will use Thunder Wave, Tail Whip or Growl.

Just follow the path south and you will reach Olivine City.

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