5 – Cherrygrove City

When you get into town, an old man identifiers you as a rookie trainer. He offers to teach you about a few things and tells you to follow him. He dashes off, over to a building and notices you are not wearing Running Shoes, so he will try to go as slow as he can. He returns, with you in tow this time, to the building he dashed to, explain it is a Pokemon Center. He tells you the Pokemon Center will heal your Pokemon in no time at all. He tells you that you will be relying on them a lot, so learn about them. He walks you one building to the left, and tells you this is a Pokemon Mart. This store sells Pokeballs for catching wild Pokemon and other useful items. He goes on to the left, showing up a path, saying it is Route 30, which is the way out of this town. He also tells you that Trainers will be battling others with their Pokemon and that you can find Mr. Pokemon's House down that way. He leads you down and to the left, to the beach, pointing out the sea. He remarks that some Pokemon can only be found in the water. After that, he leads you to a house to the right, in the south part of town. He tells you that this is his house. For keeping up with him now he gives you a pair of Running Shoes. He reads you the instructions for using them, that you can “touch the Sprint Button on the Touch Screen to sprint or hold the 'B' button to sprint”.

Now, having an idea of where, to go, if your Pokemon is worse for wear (or it did a lot of attack) head to the Pokemon Center and have them heal up your Pokemon. Talking with the people inside tells you about the Communication Rooms above, which were just built. They have yet to be finished, but should be soon.

The Poke Mart offers Potions, Antidotes, and Parylz Heal. One of the patrons remarks on how they have run out of Pokeballs and hopes that they are restocked soon.

Take some time and explore the city. Talking with the various people you learn that experience allows Pokemon to grow and evolve, the nature of Pokemon has something to do with its stats. If you visit your guide again, he will tell you that you can carry up to 6 Pokemon at one time, the rest will be transferred to your PC. They will stay there until you go to get them and they have no chance to run away, so do not worry about it. He then tells you an important rule: treat your Pokemon with the utmost kindness.

When you go to leave town to the north via Route 30, an old man runs up to you. He says that he forgot one thing, giving you a Map Card for your Pokegear. This gives you the Town Map option, making it easier to navigate around the greater world. He remarks that you will find your Pokegear gets more useful as you get more cards for it. Keep on to the north to reach Route 30.

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