20 – Ilex Forest

If you want to head over to the western building, which leads to Ilex Forest, your Rival will appear and take you on.

While One of the Pokemon will change, based on the one you chose, the remaining pair are constant:
Starter lvl. 18 Quilava – Ember, Quick Attack, Smoke Screen, Leer
        Croconaw – Scary Face, Bite, Rage, Water Gun
        Bayleef – Reflect Synthesis, Poison Powder, Razor Leaf
Gastly lvl. 14 – Spite, Mean Look, Lick, Curse
Zubat lvl. 16

He opens with a Gastly lvl. 14, which will likely use Spite a lot. When it is about to faint it will likely use Curse. Curse, when used by a Ghost Pokemon, will inflict damage every turn.

If he is using a Quilava, it will likely use Smokescreen to drop your accuracy then attack with either Quick Attack or Ember.

With Croconaw, he will play more aggressively, using Bite, Rage or Water.

With Bayleef, keep on guard for the Poison status and the boosted Defense from Reflect.

Afterwards, head into the building and into the Forest. Follow the path upwards and talk to the man at the first turn. This is the Charcoal Man's Apprentice. He wants you to help him find and catch his Boss's Farfetch'd. He tells you that they have sensitive ears, so steps on a branch near them will get their attention. This is important because you can only catch them from behind. For now, head to the right a little ways and you will see some patches of twigs on the ground and a Farfetch'd above you. Step on the twigs near you to get the Farfetch'd to turn that direction. If you look in the upper right corner of your screen, you will see more twigs and a thin passageway. Do NOT step on the second patch of twigs, if you do, go back to the first one and step on those again. Follow the passage around the trees to come up behind the Farfetch'd. Hit “A” to catch it.

You will appear next to the Apprentice after you catch the Farfetch'd. After that, head to the right again. As you head right, there is a small opening below the main path with an item ball. The item ball has a Revive inside it.

Head to the right and upwards a bit. You will see more twigs and three passages. Head up the middle one. You will a Farfetch'd at the top of the left passage. Step on the twigs at the top of the passage then loop down and around, up the left side passage and hit “A” on the Farfetch'd. It will run to the right and stop at the turn in the trees. Head back down and take the right passage up. Step on the twigs that at on the right hand side of this area, the Farfetch'd will look in that direction Loop around above the trees this time, avoiding the second patch of twigs to come up on the Farfetch'd from behind and hit “A” to catch it.

Once again, you will appear next the Apprentice of the Charcoal Man. This time though, he will thank you for finding both of the Pokemon. His Boss will also show up and give you HM 01, Cut.

The Pikachu Colored Pichu can now be used to get the Spiky Eared Pichu. See the Side Notes section for full details.

Teach a Pokemon Cut to take down the Tree near the Apprentice. After that, head to the left and upwards. When you a sign in the middle of the road, the sign talks about how there are hidden items around the forest, you can also notice a smaller passageway on the right hand side of the screen, head up and around to reach it, as it has an item ball containing a X-Attack at its end. From here, head back to the little pond that you passed. You will see three trees nearby. Just above it, tucked between the trees and the pond is an item ball which contains an Antidote.

From there resume your eastward trek. Follow the path until you find a split between two ledges. Head to the left from here and follow the path. Along the way, you will encounter a man near a ledge who will offer to teach your Pokemon the move Headbutt. This move will allow it to Headbutt trees and potentially have you encounter Pokemon on them. Any tree can be heatbutted, so feel free to experiment wherever you want with trees. It is worth noting that any tree you encounter Pokemon on will always have Pokemon on them

After you have a Pokemon learn Headbutt, follow the path back to the split ledge. This time walk forward and a Kimono Lady will approach you and ask for directions out of the forest. If you say “Yes” your Pokemon will lead her out of the forest. To the right of where where you met her, in line with the tree above you, is an item ball which has an Ether inside. From here, head to the West, then follow the path that your Pokemon pointed out to the Kimono Lady. This will lead you to the exit of Ilex Forest and on toward Goldenrod City.

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