21 – Route 34 to Goldenrod City

As you exit the forest, talk to the person behind the right side counter to receive TM 12, Taunt. Taunt forces a Pokemon to use damaging attacks for a while. The other person in there talks about how there is a shrine to a Pokemon that watches the forest through time and that it is likely a Grass Type Pokemon. After that, just head on through to reach Route 34.

When you emerge onto Route 34, you will see a Trainer near a sign telling you that Goldenrod City is just ahead. The trainer is Youngster Samuel. He opens with a Rattata lvl. 7. It is nothing too special, with the regular moves of Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack and Focus Energy. After that, he can use any of the following: Sandshrew lvl. 10, Spearow lvl. 8 or 8
The Sandshrew will go at your Pokemon with Sand-Attack then attack using either Scratch or Poison Sting. The Spearows will either lower your attack or defense with Growl or Leer respectively or just attack with Peck.

If you follow the path that Samuel is on, you will encounter another trainer, Pokefan Brandon. He will open with a Snubbull, lvl. 13. It has the ability Intimidate, so it will lower the Attack of whatever Pokemon is leading. It knows Lick, Bite, Charm and Tail Whip. It will mostly play aggressive though, attacking with Lick and Bite. After the Snubbull, Brandon will send out a Mareep, lvl. 13. It will mostly attack with Tackle or Thundershock.

If you go into the grass near Brandon, you will see another Trainer, Picnicker Gina. She will lead with a Hoppip lvl. 9. The Hoppip is very easy to beat as it cannot attack your Pokemon. After that, she will send out a Bulbasaur lvl. 12 or Hoppip lvl. 9. The Bulbasaur something of minor concern with Vine Whip and Leech Seed. Leech Seed will drain health from your Pokemon and heal it. The other Hoppip is the same as the first, so an easy win. After the battle, Gina will offer to give you her number, she will call you and give you items that she finds around.

Head back to the path and follow it a bit farther. Youngster Ian will challenge you just after the bend in the path. He opens with Mankey lvl. 10. It will likely start with Focus Energy to increase its critical chance then attack with Fury Swipes or Low Kick. After that he will send in Diglett lvl. 12. The only attack to worry about is Magnitude, which has a varying strength, but is very powerful all the same. After the battle Ian will offer to give you his number so you can challenge him again later.

Keep following the path and Ethan/Lyra will appear, calling out to their Grandpa. S/he will thank them for the Pokemon that they raised for them as it is very healthy. She will introduce you to her Grandpa then take you inside the nearby building. There, you will meet her Grandma. After this, she will step out, then come back in because s/he forgot something, and will give you her/his Pokegear number. After that, they will depart and you can now use the Daycare Center. When you leave the building, Grandpa will give you their number so you can contact with to check on the Pokemon there are raising for you.

Time to get back to following the path. This is lead to another trainer battle against Camper Todd. He will open with Psyduck lvl. 14. This Psyduck has Disable, a move that will prevent you from using the last move you used if it hits for a number of turns. That is the largest concern overall from this Pokemon. It will play fairly aggressive owing to its fair number of attacks. After the battle, he will offer you his number so the two of you can battle again. Head a bit to the right from here to see another item ball. This one has TM 36, Embargo, inside it. This move will stop a Pokemon from using items for the rest of the time it is in battle. Head back to the left and go up to reach Goldenrod City.

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