44 – Mahogany Town Gym Challenge

Stepping into the Gym, you find your coach in his usual spot. He tells you about Pryce, the Gym Leader. He is a long time trainer specializing in Ice Pokemon. The Coach's advice, have Ice Heals on hand.  The gym itself poses a challenge as you will be sliding around to get from one part to the next. There are a number of trainers along the way too. If you have Rock, Fighting, Steel, Electric, Grass or Fire type attacks, you will find yourself with the upper hand against many of these Pokemon.

Take some time in this first room to learn a little about the icy flooring. Whenever you step onto the Ice, you will keep going until you hit a wall or you slide off the ice. To reset the room, just leave out the front door of the Gym. If you bump into the ice block that is straight up from the door, you will push it into another and they will remain in that position. To reach the opposite side, head straight up from the door onto the ice so you bump into the ice block. From there, step to the left, into the wall, move up into the large icicle on the floor, then right into the ice blocks and up from there to reach the other side. Head up and go through the door.

Room 2:
You will see two trainers in this room, one on the left and one on the right.
The one of the left is Skier Diana. She will send out Jynx lvl. 29. It will likely lead with Ice Punch. It will largely use Ice Punch, attacking on the physical end. Also knows Fake Tears, Wake-up Slap and Mean Look.

On the right is Boarder Patton. He sends out a Swinub lvl. 27. It may lead with Endure, which means it will survive any attack against it. It also knows Mud-Slap, Mud Bomb and Icy Wind. After that Patton will send in a second Swinub lvl. 27. It acts much like that last one did, fairly aggressive with the occasional Endure.

As far as getting to the other side you will want to start from the left hand side. Line up with the ice blocks and walk onto the ice. You will slide into the ice block, pushing it a bit to the right. This will line you up to move straight up and reach the far side. Head through the door.

Room 3:
To the left you will see another trainer, Boarder Deandrea. He will lead with a Seel lvl. 25. It knows Encore, Rest, Ice Shard and Aqua Ring. Aqua Ring restores a small portion of the Pokemon's HP each turn, making it useful for Wall type Pokemon or Sponge Pokemon. This means the Seel can be a little tricky to take down. After that, he will send in Dewgong lvl. 26 or Seel lvl. 25. The Dewgong knows Aqua Ring, Ice Shard, Rest and Encore, the same as the Seel. The second Seel acts no different from the first.

On the right hand side is Boarder Gerardo. He will lead with Shellder lvl. 25. It knows Leer, Supersonic, Ice Shard and Icicle Spear. It will mostly try to lower your defense with Leer and occasional attack with Ice Shard or attempt to hit your Pokemon with Supersonic. After that, he will send in either Cloyster lvl. 26 or Seel lvl. 25. The Cloyster knows Ice Shard, Toxic Spikes, Aurora Beam and Supersonic. It will play fairly aggressive, attacking with Ice Shard or Aurora Beam. Occasionally it will  set down Toxic Spikes or try to hit you with Supersonic. The Seel knows Encore, Ice Shard, Aqua Ring and Icy Wind. This one is meant much for aggressive play. It will largely use Ice Shard, possibly putting up Aqua Ring, and likely using Icy Wind if a strong Grass type comes out to take it on.

In the back, near Pryce, you will find one last trainer. This is Skier Jill. She will lead with Dewgong lvl. 29. It knows Rest, Aurora Beam, Aqua Ring and Ice Shard. It will mostly attack with Aurora Beam or recover both health and status using Rest.

To reach the far side and Pryce, move next to the 3 clumps of ice near the icy floor that is close to the door into the room. Step onto the ice, pushing the block into the clump on the ice field. Take a step to the left, then move up, left again, down, move right twice (once to move the ice block and for you to follow it), then upwards to reach Pryce.

Gym Leader Pryce:
Hyper Potion: 1
Ful Restore: 1

Seel lvl. 30 – Hail, Icy Wind, Rest, Snore
Piloswine lvl. 34 – Hail, Mud Bomb, Ice Fang, Blizzard - Sitrus Berry
Dewgong lvl. 32 – Aurora Beam, Rest, Sleep Talk, Ice Shard

The Seel will likely start with Hail. This shifts some facts in the favor of many Ice Pokemon, giving them a boost. It will also do damage to Pokemon that are not Ice Type or lack the ability Snow Cloak. It will rest if it takes a solid hit. It has the move Snore, so it can attack while it is asleep.

The Piloswine will use Hail if it has abated from whatever came before it. It will largely come at you with Mud Bomb or Ice Fang. Its last attack, Blizzard, is exceptionally dangerous in Hail, as it will have 100% accuracy. This is a huge risk to anything weak against Ice.

The Dewgong will favor using Aurora Beam. It will occasionally use Ice Shard. Be wary as it has a Rest Sleep Talk combo on it. This makes it so it can use regular attacks while it is asleep from Rest. If it is Pryce's last Pokemon, he will likely use the Full Restore on it if its HP is very low. It will use Rest as needed, so it can be a bit of a chore to take down. It will often mistime its use of Sleep Talk around Rest, so you will likely a get a free turn to attack it after it uses Rest. Attack it with decent attacks and it will go down fast.

As you have now defeated Pryce, he will reward you with the Glacier Badge, which boost the Special stats of your Pokemon and lets you use Whirlpool outside of battle. He will also give you TM 07, Hail. Time to slip and slide your way back out.

Getting out:
Head straight down from Pryce, then break left and then down again to clear this room. In the next room, head down, then left or right to get off the ice. Head out the door in the bottom of the room. In the last room, head down then right then down again to reach the entrance door. Head on out the door to move on and get ready for the last Gym battle!

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