52 – Blackthorn Gym

Here we are at last, the eighth Gym. Walk upwards and your Coach will approach you. He will tell you that the Gym has unstable footing, so you want to keep your Pokemon inside their Poke Balls. He tells you that Dragon Type Pokemon are weak to Ice type moves. This is very helpful if your Pokemon are not quite in their high 30's. Also note that on each of the platforms where you find the Gym's trainers you will find Teleporters. These will take you back to the start of the Gym. This can be very useful if your Pokemon are really feeling taking on all the trainers or you get low on healing supplies.

Head on upwards. As you walk toward the edge of the platform, you will see some controls. Step onto the blue dot. From there, step onto the left hand arrow. The platform will move to the left. Step back onto the blue button twice to spin the platform so it can reach the next part of the gym. Step on the right hand arrow to move the platform back into its original position, but allowing you to progress forward. Head on up to encounter your first challenger, Ace Trainer Paulo. He starts with Dratini lvl. 35. it knows Dragon Rush, Aqua Tail, Agility and Slam. It will likely start with Agility then start using Dragon Rush until it faints or runs out of PP for the move. After that Paulo will send in either another Dratini lvl. 35 or Seadra lvl. 35.  The other Dratini acts much like the first, but favors Slam and Agility. The Seadra knows Brine, Twister, Agility and Bubblebeam. A Pokemon with Normal type moves and about the same level should not have much difficulty with this trainer. Follow the path to reach the next  trainer. Ace Trainer Lola. She starts with a Dratini lvl. 35. It has the same move set as the last one you encountered. After that, she will send out a Dragonaire lvl. 37. It knows Dragon Rage, which it will favor, and it may use Agility. It does not use its other moves too much.

Head up onto the next moving platform. Again, step onto the blue button to get started. Step onto the arrow above it, then step onto blue button twice, step onto the up arrow once, hit the blue button again, step onto the right hand arrow, hit the blue button again, hit the downward arrow, and step on the blue button three times, then step on the right hand arrow to reach the next platform.

Once you manage to spin the platform into place and get off it, you will encounter the next Ace Trainer,  Cody. He will start with Horsea lvl. 35. It knows Agility, Hydro Pump, Brine. It will likely start with Agility, then start using Hydro Pump, alternating in Brine. After that, he will send in a Seadra lvl. 37. It knows Bubblebeam, which it will favor, Agility, and Brine. It will mostly use Bubblebeam and Agility though. Head on upwards to reach the next Ace Trainer, Fran. She will challenge you with her Seadra lvl. 38. It knows Bubblebeam, which it will likely open with and favor, Brine which it will use once in a while, Agility which it will use rarely and Twister. Keep follow the path to encounter the last trainer here before Clair, Ace Trainer Mike. He will start with Dragonaire lvl. 38. It will likely start with Agility. It also knows Dragon Rage, Aqua Tail and Dragon Rush.

Head up and you have one more platform to navigate across lava to reach Clair. Step on the left facing arrow once, then hit the center blue button twice. After that, hit the right facing arrow once. Hit the blue button once then the up facing arrow three times. Hit the blue button once, the right facing arrow once, the blue button once then, finally the up facing arrow twice. You can now reach Clair. If any of your Pokemon are hurting, take some time to heal them up. Clair is a tough opponent.

Hyper Potions: 1
Full Restore: 1
Gyrados lvl.38 - Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rage, Bite and Twister
Kingdra lvl. 41 – Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Smoke Screen and Hyper Beam – Sitrus Berry
Dragonaire lvl. 38 – Slam, Fire Blast, Dragon Pulse and Thunder Wave
Dragonaire lvl. 38 – Slam, Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse and Thunder Wave

Clair starts with her Gyrados. It will likely start with Dragon Pulse and favor it. Give it reason, it will use Dragon Rage, dealing a flat 40 damage to your Pokemon. It will occasionally use Bite or Twister, especially if the Pokemon has attacks strong against it.

When she sends in either of her Dragonaire keep on guard. One will will likely open with Slam, but give it reason, it will use Slam or Fire Blast. It may also try to use Thunder Wave to paralyze your Pokemon so try to take it out before it can do that. The other Dragonaire has a  slightly different move set with Aqua Tail instead of fire Blast. It will likely start with Thunder Wave to slow down your Pokemon. After that, it will likely attack with Aqua Tail repeatedly. If you heal your Pokemon of paralysis the Dragonaire may use Thunder Wave again and try to keep your Pokemon paralyzed.

The Kingdra will likely open with Hydro Pump then keep using it until it is out PP. After that, it will likely use Dragon Pulse or Smoke Screen. Get its health low enough and it will eat its Sitrus Berry restoring a portion of its health. Be wary as once it runs out of Hydro Pump and you still a strong Pokemon out, it will start using Hyper Beam. While a very powerful Normal Type attack, it does require a turn afterwards for the Pokemon to recharge. If it uses this and your Pokemon survives, either heal up or attack with your Pokemon's best move against the Kingdra.

Whatever her last Pokemon, keep enough of your moves for a second wind. If you get it does into the red but not fainted, she will likely use a Full Restore, refilling its HP and restoring its status.

When you beat her though, some problems arise. She refused to admit that you could beat her her. She will tell you to take the Dragon-master challenge. This means entering the Dragon's Den, which is across the lake from the Gym. Head on out of the Gym and surf across the lake to reach the Den. Keep in mind though you will need Pokemon that know Surf and Whirlpool to complete this area. Step onto the nearby teleporter to make it back to the front of the Gym. Hit the Pokemon Center and then head up and across the water to reach the Dragon's Den.

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