Once you choose your Pokemon. You walk over to Prof. Elm, who explains a bit more about Mr. Pokemon, that he goes anywhere and everywhere to find rarities. You apparently can find his house just past Cherrygrove City. Elm also tells you that you can use machines, like the one behind him, to heal your Pokemon when they get hurt. He also asks how it feels to have your Pokemon walking next to you. He then bids you well on your first task of visiting Mr. Pokemon and you are free to leave.

As you leave, the assistant will approach you and gives you 5 Potions to help you out. He also tells you that Pokemon are weak in the beginning and that you should use your Potions when you think your Pokemon is in danger.

When you leave the Lab, Lyra/Ethan will be there with her Marill. She tells you that walking around with it will make it more friendly. She also says you should turn around and talk to it sometimes. After this, she tells you to go show your Mom your new Pokemon. Head back to your house.

Once inside talk with your Mom. She says you have a cute Pokemon that Prof. Elm gave to you. You tell her about your little task. She figures it must be important if someone is asking you to do it. She also then remembers that your Pokegear came back from the shop. She explains the Pokemon Gear, or Pokegear, is something every trainer should have. You can use it to make phone calls as well. She asks you if you remember how to use it. If you choose “No”, she tells you to select the Pokegear on the Touch Screen then select the telephone button. The names of the people you can call are automatically registered. Just select one to give him or her a call. She remarks on how easy it is to make a phone call. After that, you are in the clear to leave town for Cherrygrove City. Head off to the west, out of town.