27 – The Burned Tower

Inside the Tower you will some Pokemon down below in the basement and a few people to your right. The one on the top is Eusine, a man seeing the Legendary Pokemon Suicune. Step around Eusine and head down to the right to find Morty, the Gym Leader. He will tell you about the trio of Legendary Pokemon below, Suicine, Entei and Raikou, and as the Gym Leader he needs to have a proper understanding of them. Take some time to explore this floor before going down the ladder above you. As you walk toward the ladder though, your rival will approach and Challenge you to a battle.

Rival's Team
Starter lvl. 22 – Bayleef: Magical Leaf, Reflect, Sythesis, Poisonpowder
        Quilava: Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, Ember, Smokescreen
        Crocnaw: Ice Fang, Scary Face, Bite Rage
Gastly lvl. 20 – Curse, Confuse Ray, Nightshade, Mean Look
Magnemite lvl. 18 – Thunder wave, Sonicboom, Supersonic, Thundershock
Zubat lvl. 20 – Wing Attack, Bite, Astonish, Supersonic

Your Rival will lead with a Gastly. If your Pokemon is notably above the Gastly's level, it will immediately use Curse on your Pokemon. Aside from that, keep an eye out for it using Nightshade, as it does a fixed amount of damage.
With the starter Pokemon, strategy will vary based on the move set. Take some time to look at them listed above. The more attack moves, obviously the more aggressive they will be.
The Magnemite will first try to Paralyze your Pokemon with Thunder Wave or try to confuse it with Supersonic. After that, it will largely attack with Sonic Boom for the flat 20 damage.
The Zubat will likely follow a pattern similar to the Magnemite, trying to confuse your Pokemon or cause it to flinch with Astonish. Bite and Wing Attack both are something to worry about.

Your Rival will be disappointed in his Pokemon for their loss. He shoves you aside and leaves the building saying you have no chance to catch the Legendary Pokemon below. Keep going up and you will see an item ball, which has an antidote inside it and a trainer. The trainer is Fire Breather Ned. He will lead Koffing lvl. 16. Like many before it, it has Smog, so watch out for getting poisoned. After that it will potentially come at you with Tackle or Assurance. After that, Ned will send in Koffing lvl. 16 or Growlithe lvl. 17. The other Koffing acts much the same as the first one. The Growlithe will likely favor attacking with Ember as it is its only attack move. Aside from that, it may try to lower your Defense with Leer or cut through your evasion boosts with Odor Sleuth.

Head to the left to keep exploring the floor, grabbing the earlier mentioned item ball. As you cross the narrow ledge, you will see and encounter another Fire Breather, Richard. He has a Charmleon lvl. 18. it will likely start with Smokescreen or attack with Ember or Dragon Rage. Dragon Rage is another attack that does a fixed amount of damage, this time though it is 40 points. It cannot do too much else though, but those are good attacks at this level.

After Richard, head downwards to reach the last item ball on this floor. It has an HP Up inside, so your efforts should be worth it. Just be sure that you have a Pokemon that has Rock Smash learned to get to it as it is surrounded by breakable rocks. Head back to the ladder now and go on down.

When you get to the bottom of the ladder, the three Legendary Pokemon will stir and dash off in different directions. Suicine will take a moment to consider something about you before it takes off. Euscine will appear just after that, mentioning how giddy he is to have been that close to Suicine after 10 years of searching. With that, he makes a remark to himself then departs. Head back towards the ladder you came down. There is little else to explore around here with the HM for Strength and the badge to use it. Morty has left the tower, so he should be back in the Gym, so that means you can challenge him. As you leave the tower though, talk with the man to the left of the stairs leading to it to learn something about the Pokemon that were inside the Tower. Also, if you check your Map now, you will see icons for Raikou and Entei, but that leaves the question of what Suicine is up to. Maybe after the Gym you will get some answers.

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