47 – Goldenrod Underground Warehouse: Retrieving the Director

Before doing much else, if your team needs it, take a moment and heal them up. Once you are down in the Tunnel, head to the right again to reach the corridor that will take you to the warehouse. On the way, you will notice one of the Kimono Girls. As you approach, she will notice you. She is aware of you taking on Team Rocket and is duly impressed. She thinks you could take on a Legendary Poke … but does not say what. Keep going to the right to reach the door to the Warehouse. Hit “A” at the door to gain access to it.

Just head up and go down the stairs. There are a number of trainers on this floor, so head left … and just as you do, your Rival will appear and challenge you to a battle, after his usual banter.

Rivals Team:
Golbat lvl. 32 – Air Cutter, Bite, Confuse Ray,
Magnemite lvl. 30 – Spark, Thunder Wave, Sonic Boom, Supersonic
Haunter lvl. 32 – Shadow Ball, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Curse
Sneasel lvl. 34 – Faint Attack, Quick Attack
Quilava lvl 34 – Swift, Quick Attack, Smokescreen, Flame Wheel

Golbat lvl. 30 – Air Cutter, Bite, Confuse Ray,
Magnemite lvl. 28 – Spark, Thunder Wave, Sonic Boom, Supersonic
Haunter lvl. 30 – Shadow Ball, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Curse
Sneasel lvl. 32 – Faint Attack, Quick Attack
Feraligatr lvl. 32 – Crunch, Agility, Thrash, Ice Fang

Golbat lvl. 32 – Air Cutter, Bite, Confuse Ray,
Magnemite lvl. 30 – Spark, Thunder Wave, Sonic Boom, Supersonic
Haunter lvl. 32 – Shadow Ball, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Curse
Sneasel lvl. 34 – Faint Attack, Quick Attack
Meganium lvl. 34 – Petal Dance, Natural Gift, Magical Leaf, Reflect

The Golbat will largely attack with Air Cutter and Bite, rarely using its other attacks. The Magnemite tends to use Spark and Thunder Wave, the occasional Sonic Boom and rarely Supersonic.The Haunter will likely open with Shadow Ball. Keep some potions handy in case it uses Mean Look and your Pokemon is low on health. It also has Curse, though it will rarely use it. The Sneasel will favor Faint Attack or Quick Attack, virtually ignoring all its other moves. The starter Pokemon will play aggressively as their move sets allow.

If battling your Rivals wears down your Pokemon, take a moment to return to the Pokemon Center and heal them up.

After that, head down to take on the first member of Team Rocket. He will challenge you with a Rattata lvl. 27. It knows Crunch, Assurance, and Hyper Fang. Nothing too bad though to take down. Just below this Grunt is the door that will lead on, but it is closed and there is no way here to pass through it. There are likely some switches nearby that will open it. From there, head a to the left through the archway above to the next Grunt. He will mention something about one door opening before another closes and how this impedes you. He will start with a Muk lvl. 23. It knows Minimize, Mud Bomb, Sludge, and Disable. It will largely attack with Mud Bomb and Sludge though. After that, he will send in either Koffing lvl. 23 or Rattata lvl. 25. The Koffing is much the same as those you encountered before in the Radio Tower. It knows Smog and will frequently use it. The Rattata knows Assurance, Sucker Punch, Hyper Fang and Crunch. It will attempt to use Sucker Punch too, but it is not that strong. Talking with this Grunt after, he will mention that the Green Switch is the one to press last.  There are some switches not too far from him, maybe the other Grunts know something about the sequence. Only one way to find out, beat them! Keep going to the left for a moment though to get the item ball with a Full Heal inside.

Head all the way down and to the left. You will see someone you can challenge, this is Burglar Duncan. He will lead with a Koffing lvl. 23. Take it out. After that, he will send in either Magmar lvl. 25 or Koffing lvl. 23. The Magmar knows Fire Spin, Faint Attack, Smokescreen and Confuse Ray. It will mostly attack with Smokescreen and Fire Spin, occasionally Faint Attack or Confuse Ray. The Koffing knows Assurance, Smog, Sludge, Self Destruct.

After that, head to the left and grab the item ball with a Smoke Ball inside. Head up to encounter the next Burglar Olsen. He opens with a Growlithe lvl. 26. Watch out for its Reversal and Fire Wheel. Fter that, he will send out a Koffing lvl. 24. It is not that different from the other Koffings. After that Burglar, head up and deal with the last Team Rocket Grunt. This Grunt starts with a Koffing lvl. 24, just keep in mind that they can Self Destruct, so take it down fast. After that, he will send out a Muk lvl. 24. Nothing special, so just take it out. Afterwards, you want to talk to the Grunt to get the second hint on solving the switch puzzle. This one a bit more helpful as he tells you that by hitting the colored switch, you will open the doors outlined by that color. It seems to work very well throwing the switches in this sequence:
Green, Red, Blue.

Just head down and to the right to reach the next Grunt. She open with a Gloom lvl. 25. It knows Poisonpowder, Mega Drain and Sleep Powder. After that, he will use another Gloom lvl. 25, identical to her last one. Head into the door next to her to reach the next level.

Follow the path just ahead you will see an item ball behind some crates. Loop around them to claim the item ball and its contents, an Ultra Ball. Continue to follow the original path, heading to the right, then down. As you reach the end of that corridor, about to make the next right turn, you will encounter a Grunt. He will open with a Raticate lvl. 24. It is no different from the other Raticates with Scary Face, Hyper Fang, Crunch, Sucker Punch. After that, he will send in a Golbat lvl. 24. It knows Wing Attack, Bite, Air Cutter and Confuse Ray but it will use Bite and Wing Attack the most.

After that, head to the right, you will see another item ball with a Max Ether. Head up on the right hand side to encounter another Grunt. He starts with a Grimer lvl. 26. Again, if you have been dealing with all the Grunts, this one should be no surprise. After that, he will send out a Weezing lvl. 23. Be wary as it can Self Destruct, so take it out before it thinks to do so. Head up just a little more and you will see a person behind a wall and some crates. Head toward him. You will encounter another Grunt on the way. They will start with a Koffing lvl. 25. It can blow up using Selfdestruct, so be on guard and think about what you have out. After that, another Koffing lvl. 25 is sent out.  Near the person, the Director, is another item ball, TM 82, Sleep Talk. Talk with him to receive the key card you need to open that door on the third floor. Head back out and go up the nearby stairs to find another item ball with an Amulet Coin. This handy hold item doubles the amount of money received from battles that Pokemon takes part in. Just loop around to the left and head into the elevator. Take it to Floor 1 to get to the main floor of the Department Store. Head on out and head back to the Radio Tower.

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