25 – Route 36, part 2, to Route 37

Once you reach Route 36, you can head up a little and find Psychic Mark, who will challenge you to a battle. He will lead with an Abra lvl. 14. This one cannot do too much, but it knows Flash. After that, he will send in Kadabra lvl. 16 or Abra lvl. 14. The Kadabra it knows Confusion, so it can hit with a Psychic type attack or it will attack Kinesis which will lower your Pokemon's accuracy. The last Abra knows works just like the last one.

Head up from Mark to find a Blu Apricorn Tree. If you go to the left from here you will find the National Park.

Head back down and then take the stairs to the right to lead on toward the Odd Tree. There is another trainer you can challenge along with the way, School kid Alan. He has a Tangela lvl. 17. It will likely start with Growth. After that, it will follow with Absorb. After you beat him, he will offer you his number so he can contact you when he finds items that he can spare.

After that, keep going to the right then follow the path to get to the odd tree. One of the people from the Florist Shop you visited in Goldenrod is near it. He tells you that it reacts strongly to water, so it has to be a Pokemon. This is very accurate you will find out, this is a Sudowoodo, a Rock Type Pokemon. Walk up to the tree and say that you want to use the Squirt Bottle on the tree. The Sudowoodo will attack. It has Mimic, so it can learn one of your Pokemon's moves. Aside from that, it has Rock Throw, Flail and Low Kick. At level 20, it is not a bad catch. After you catch or beat the Sudowoodo, the man from Goldenrod City Flowers will give you the Berry Pots as well as 3 Oran and 3 Pecha Berries. You can use the Berry Pots to grow Berries.

Feel free to head upwards to continue on toward Ecruteak City. As you follow the tree lined path, keep going to the left to find an item ball with a hyper potion inside. Once you pass the sign you find yourself on Route 37.

Just keep going north to find the twins Tori and Til. They will challenge you to a Dual Pokemon Battle.  They start with a Marill and a Mareep, both lvl. 16. The Marill knows Rollout, so it will get one use and will continue to use it until it misses. The Mareep knows Thundershock. It is a simple battle to take care of them.

After that, continue upwards for another Dual Pokemon Battle. This time you are facing Beauty Callie and Beauty Kassandra. They open with a Wigglytuff lvl. 16 and a Clefable lvl. 16. Clefable is very likely to lead using Encore, which will have your Pokemon use the same move repeatedly over the course of a few turns. The Wigglytuff will Pound your Pokemon. After the Wigglytuff, Kassandra will send in a Clefable lvl. 16.This second Clefable has Metronome, which as noted, can be any move in the game and Double Slap, a multi-hit attack. After her Clefable, Callie will send out a Willytuff lvl. 16. It is much the same as the last Wigglytuff. Both are not too hard, but the presence of the ability Cute Charm makes this battle a little more challenging if your Pokemon team is heavily male. They are not too hard otherwise, as the Cute Charm ability can only affect Pokemon of the opposite gender.

As you head upwards, once you pass through the grassy patch beyond the pair of trainers, head to the right then down over the ledge to get access to 3 Apricorn Trees: Red, Blk and Blu. After that, you will want to head down. As you do though you will likely encounter Psychic Greg. He has a Drowzee lvl. 17. It will try to put your Pokemon to sleep using the move Hypnosis. After that, it will start using Dream Eater. This Psychic type attack will only work on a sleeping Pokemon. It will do serious damage and restore the health of the Drowzee. This can be very brutal but if the Pokemon wakes up, the attack is wasted and it must put your Pokemon back to sleep to continue using the attack. Beat him up with your Pokemon while it is awake and hopefully you have an Awakening or two in case.

With Greg out of the way, head down and loop to the left when you can, retracing your steps earlier, just this time simply heading all the way up to reach the next part, Ecruteak City.

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