A person starts talking, noticing that the sun is setting, saying that this time is what is called “twilight”. Please note this will change depending on the time of day that you start up your game. He apologizes for keeping you waiting as the screen goes from black to showing the renowned Prof. Oak. He welcomes you to the world of Pokemon and introduces himself. After he explains a little about Pokemon themselves, he asks you to tell him a bit about yourself. You will now choose your trainer's gender and name. After that, the game itself starts.

You find yourself inside your room. If you walk up to the computer above you, you will find find your character checking their e-mail. There is one from Lyra/Ethan. If you choose to read it it simply states “Adventure! Excited! I love Pokemon!”. Head down the stairs in the upper left part of the room.

Your mother will approach you and be happy that you are finally awake. She will tell you your friend Lyra/Ethan was just there, playing hide and seek with their Pokemon. She also tells you that Professor Elm, an acquaintance of the family's, was by looking for you as well, as he has a favor to ask of you. She tells you that his lab is right next door. She then asks you if you have everything you need to go out., giving you a bag, your trainer card, a place to save your progress, and access to the Options menu.

When you step outside, you will see Lyra/Ethan and her Marill. The Marill will be standing in front of your house. When it sees Lyra/Ethan, it will walk over to her. Time to head to the left and over to the Prof. Elm's Lab. On the way, you will notice a girl standing near a sign, which reads “New Bark Town Winds of a New Beginning”. She compliments you on your bag. There is also a person looking into Prof. Elm's lab through the window. She talks about how this is the “famous Elm Pokemon Lab”, notices you looking at her and then shoves you away. Head on into the Lab.

Inside the lab, you can talk to the assistant, who will direct you to the Professor. When you approach Prof. Elm, the game takes over. He greets you, telling you that he had been waiting for you. He then asks you if you know anything about his research. He tells you that, as you know, Pokemon are carried in Pokeballs these days. Before the Pokeball though, people would walk around with their Pokemon, just like your friend Lyra/Ethan does. He talks about the merits of Pokeballs, but admits there must have been some advantages of walking with your Pokemon, that it could influence how they grow or evolve. He then tells you that he has decided to give you a Pokemon! He then asks you to walk beside this Pokemon, with it outside its Pokeball to see if it brings any special feelings or bonds. He tells you to head over to the device to your right to choose your Pokemon. He is then alerted to the fact he has some e-mail. After he reads it, he tells you about one of his acquaintances, who people call Mr. Pokemon. He apparently finds out a lot of weird things and raves about his discoveries. This time the e-mail says that it is real. He theorizes its another Pokemon Egg, but they are very busy with their research. He then realizes he could send you, and asks if they could count on you to go in their place. He then tells you, again, that you can choose one of the Pokemon to the right, this time though you can actually get over there and take a look. You can choose from Totodile, Cyndaquil or Chikorita. Take your pick and the game will begin in earnest.

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