Now that you have your additional instructions, and “package”, it is time to head back to New Bark and deliver the egg. When you step out, Prof. Elm will call you on your Pokegear. Tap the icon on the Touch Screen to answer the phone call. Elm is in hysterical, something has gone horribly wrong! He tells you to rush right back to his lab. Go south, back to Cherrygrove City, then to the right across Route 29 back to New Bark, or you would if this person, who was looking in through the window did not appear. They remark how it was a waste for you get to the Pokemon from the lab, that it is too good for a wimp like you. So, battle time.

The Pokemon they have will be one who has an advantage over you, technically, so if you chose Chikorita, he will have Cyndaquil, if you chose Totodile, he will have Chikorita, or if you chose Cyndaquil, he will have Totodile. It will only have a move that effects your stats (either Growl or Leer) and Tackle or Scratch. Your Pokemon has had time to grow and learn some new moves, take advantage of this to take down this person with the additional moves.

After you beat them, he says that he will become the world's greatest Pokemon Trainer. Then he shoves you aside, walks ahead a bit then comes back, claiming that you have his trainer card, and that you got to see his name, though you as the player still have no idea what it is.

Head across Route 29. Be sure to take a moment to shake down the Apricorn Tree that is just past the start of Route 29 at this end. As you are walking back, there is a lady just below the path you are walking on, hop over the ledge to talk with her. She tells you that the ledges are scary to jump over but using them you can reach New Bark Town without talking in the tall grass (and avoid wild encounters). Hop down the ledge next to her and keep going to the right to reach New Bark Town once again.

Once in town, head to the northern building to enter the Pokemon Lab. You immediately walk up to the Professor and the Police Officer. They say that they are investigating the case of the missing Pokemon here. They then say that rule number one is”Whoever did it will come back to the site.” then tentatively suggest that you are the one who did it. Lyra/Ethan will come running in here and clear your name. S/he says that they saw a red-haired boy looking into the building. The Police Officer then seems to catch that you battled this boy. He then asks if you caught his name. Now you get a chance to name the person who is your rival. After you do so, the Police Officer sets out on his next assignment, to find this individual. Lyra/Ethan will be grateful that you are absolved of the crime and leaves. After Professor Elm has a moment to reminisce on how terrible a crime it is, he asks what Mr. Pokemon's discovery was. You hand over the Mysterious Egg. Elm comments on how the egg may be something he has never seen but it is still just an egg and how Mr. Pokemon is always fascinated by eggs. Elm says he will keep the egg for a while to see what he can learn about it. He then notices that Professor Oak has given you a Pokedex and finds that incredible. After that, he suggest that you take the Pokemon Gym Challenge. To do so sets you on the path to take on the Pokemon League Champion. He says that taking on the Champion will not be easy, but you can certainly start by challenging Violet City's Gym. He walks over to his PC then remarks to you that doing this will be a long journey, so be sure to take a few minutes to talk with your Mom.

Head to the house to the right and talk to your Mom, who is at the table. She seems excited that you are leaving on an adventure and will help you out, by saving a portion of all the prize money you earn. You can choose to either have her save some or not. Take your pick. After that, she tells you that Pokemon are your friends and when you work as a team you can accomplish anything then tells you to get started. That means it is time to make for Violet City. This is found past Route 31, which connects to Route 30 via the Dark Cave. Time to make the short trek back to Cherrygrove City and head up Route 30 once again.

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