23 – Goldenrod City Gym

For once, a Gym that is easy to get into. You just need to complete the Quiz they are offering in the Radio Tower and then the Gym Leader will head into so you can take on the Gym. This Gym favors Normal Type Pokemon, so Pokemon with Fighting Type moves are at a strong advantage. Also note that Normal Type moves cannot hit Ghost Type Pokemon and vise versa.

Getting through this Gym takes a little time as it has a strange layout. However, it is very easy to get around in. The gym has two ways to get to the Gym Leader, up and down. If you go upwards and take on Beauty Victoria, you can go the easy way, if you go downwards, you will be taking the harder way. There are a total of 4 trainers in the Gym who can be in your way.

Head up and take the stairs to the right. You will see a trainer above you can challenge, this is Beauty Victoria. If you fight her, she will lead with Sentret lvl. 9. It knows Quick Attack, Defense Curl, Foresight and Scratch. It will mostly use Scratch or Quick Attack though. After that Victoria will send out Sentret lvl. 13 or lvl. 16. The Sentret lvl. 13 exchanges Fury Swipes for Scratch, so it can attack once and hit a few times. The Sentret lvl. 16 is little different from the one at lvl. 13.

You can also just go down and take the stairs down to the right and then go through the archway above you to the right. Here, you can challenge Beauty Samantha. She will lead with Meowth lvl. 16. It knows Fury Swipes, Fake Out, Bite and Growl. It will mostly use Scratch and Growl though. Fake Out can only be used when a Pokemon first enters the battle, so if it does not start using it, it cannot use it afterwards, unless it switches in again. After that, she will send in another Meowth lvl. 16. Rinse and Repeat. It is worth noting that this second Meowth possesses the move Slash.

After her, you will need to head upwards and to the right. After that, loop around above and head through the archway on your left. Head downwards and then to the left to take on Lass Carrie. She opens with Snubbull lvl. 17. It will likely attack a good bit with Bite, Lick or drop your Pokemon's Speed with Scary Face.

Head up from Carrie to take on the last Trainer before the Gym Leader, Lass Cathy. She leads with Jigglypuff lvl. 15. It will likely attack with Pound or try to use Sing to put your Pokemon to Sleep. Keep on guard that it may use Disable and temporarily knock out one of your moves. After that she will use either Jigglypuff lvl. 15 or lvl. 15. All of them act much the same. Just rinse and repeat to take them all out.

Head down around the pillar then upwards to reach the final archway leading to Whitney, the Gym Leader.

Clefairy lvl. 17 – Metronome, Mimic
Miltank lvl. 19 – Attract, Stomp         Hold Item – Lum Berry

Super Potion: 2

Whitney will lead with the Clefairy. It has Metronome, which is a very choatic attack. It gives the Clefairy a chance to use ANY attack in the game. If it uses Mimic, it seems to keep using the same attack afterwards, which will be whatever attack you used before it.
With the Miltank, try to send out a Female Pokemon as it has Attract which can cause Male Pokemon to not attack it. After that, it will likely start using Stomp and keeping using it. This attack is fairly powerful, so hopefully you have a good number of Pokemon you can use in case it takes out your lead Pokemon. It also is holding a Lum Berry which will cure it of any status effect one time.

Once you beat her, she will cry because she lost and call you a meanie. That is all she will say for now, so make for the exit of the Gym. As you pass through the archway, Cathy will approach you and chastise you for making Whitney cry. She will also tell you that Whitney will stop crying soon. Approach Whitney and talk to her again. This time she will give you the Plain Badge and TM 45, Attract. This badge lets you use Strength outside of battle, once you find the HM for it. This time you can leave the Gym and proceed on with the story.

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